9 Best Water Filter Pitchers For Hard Water: Premium Quality

Hard water contains high amounts of calcium carbonate that can cause different skin problems and hair fall. And if you drink such water, it may lead to severe diseases.

Similarly, hard water is not suitable for washing clothes, soups, cooking, tea, coffee, etc. If you are living in an area where water is hard, you need to take immediate action. The water filter pitchers can be used to soften the water and make it clean. 

Having a water filter pitcher not only softens your water but also improves the quality and taste of water. Our experience and deep research have gathered some best water filter pitchers for hard water.

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Best Water Filter Pitchers For Hard Water

Brita Standard Everyday Water Filter Pitcher

Best Water Filter Pitchers For Hard Water

Brita water filter pitchers are considered best for filtering hard water. This filter comes with high-quality material that lasts for a longer time. If you are on a budget, this filter pitcher is the perfect choice for you. 

This filter also improves the taste of water and maintains the alkalinity of water. Plus, it removes all the harmful contaminants from the water. 

Brita Water filter pitcher can hold 10 cups of water which looks more affordable than water bottles. If you have chlorine in your water, this filter will reduce it. 

Similarly, this pitcher also removes Mercury, Copper, Zinc, Cadmium, and other metals, giving you clean water. So you can stay hydrated 24 hours and improve your immune system by micro-clustering and reducing water molecule size.

The good thing that I love about this water filter is that it’s space-efficient. You can place it anywhere in your kitchen or on a room table. It takes very little space and looks like an ordinary jug. 

Because of its easy-fill locking lid, you can quickly pour water into it. You can use the freshwater for GYM, Meals, Cooking, Coffee, and tea, etc. 

With the pitcher, you will also get a water filter, which you will have to change after every40 gallon of 2 months to get the best results. 

  • Affordable
  • Improve taste
  • Filter chlorine
  • Can’t filter heavy metals

ZeroWater Water Filter Pitchers (Large Capacity)

Water Filter Pitcher For Hard Water

Here comes a second affordable water filter pitcher that offers an enormous capacity to filter water. ZerWater is the most experienced brand that gives premium quality pitchers.

If you live in an area where water is pretty hard and not suitable for drinking, this ZeroWater pitcher helps you. It can effectively soften the water and remove all the harmful contaminants from it. 

The hardness of water is because of minerals like calcium and magnesium carbonate, and this filter pitcher removes all such minerals giving you pure water. It will ensure you 99% pure water, which is good for your and your family’s health. 

Similarly, most of the time, you see the taste of coffee and tea become dull because of hard water. ZeroWater filter pitchers offer high-quality water that will improve the taste of coffee or tea. The water is also best for cooking purposes and makes your meal cooked well. 

In this pitcher, you will get 5-stage filtration that successfully removes pollutants by 2X power and improves water taste.

If you have a large family, this filter pitcher is the perfect choice because it offers 5.4 liters capacity, which is more than enough. The filter has approximately 22-23 cups capacity, which is far better than standard water bottles.

  • Large capacity
  • 5 stage filtration
  • Premium quality
  • Not effectively improve the water taste

Nakii Water Filter Pitcher 

Best Water Filter Pitcher For Hard Water

If you feel your water is more containment and hard this Nakii filter pitcher is made for you. The efficient filtration system will remove all the detectable contaminants and harmful pollutants. 

This filter works on Japanese Activated Carbon Fiber technology that gives effective filtration. The big plus point in the Nakii filter pitcher is its extended-lasting filter, and its filter can last for 200 gallons which is 5x more than others.

You will get high-quality material that removes water containment on a higher level when it comes to material quality.

Unlike other water filters, the Nakii filter pitcher is certified by the WQA for its performance. It offers a fast flow rate of 1.3 liter per minute, which is impressive, and you will get filtered water immediately.

Nakii water filter pitcher is also considered best for chlorination as it removes 97% of chlorine, mercury, rust, and other metals. 

The pitcher quality is also outstanding, it offers premium quality ABS plastic which is BPA-free, and FDA approved. Because of premium quality, this pitcher will last for years. Apart from filtration NAkii pitcher improves the water taste giving you fresh and clean water suitable for your family. 

Note: After 150 gallons, you have to change the filter to get the best results.

  • Premium quality
  • Long-lasting filter
  • Improve the taste of water
  • Not much capacity for storing water

Brita weiß Marella XL

 Water Filter Pitchers

Here comes another advanced Brita water filter pitcher, which is effective for hard water. If your water has a bad taste and odor, this Brita water filter is effective for you. It will give you an outstanding water taste which is much better than plastic bottles. 

You can also use this pitcher for hard well waters. I have seen most people using Brita water filter pitchers for well water, and they love it. 

The microflow technology in this pitcher removes all the contaminants and micropollutants. I strongly recommend this filter if your water has much concentration of chlorine. You can use its filtered water for tea, coffee, and cooking, and it delivers excellent taste in everything.

Most pitchers can’t remove heavy metals like lead, arsenic, copper, chromium, etc. But this Bitra weiß Marella can minimize the presence of these metals in water. 

It offers 2.4 liters of filtered water storage and has a 3.5-liter total capacity. The pitcher features a flip lid for easy filling of water.

  • Improve the taste
  • Remove heavy metals from water
  • Microflow technology
  • Jug quality could be improve

Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Best Water Filter Pitchers to soften water

Ehm Ultra Premium water filter pitcher is best for hard waters. It not only softens water but also removes dust and dirt particles from it.

By using its micro clustering technology, it reduces the molecule size and produces absorbable alkaline water. EHM pitcher offers a 6 stage water filtration system that not only improves the water quality but makes it ultra-clean and contaminants-free.

Another plus point is this pitcher improves the PH and taste of water, making it best and drinkable for your family. The extra carbon and ion exchange resin layer make water free from potentially harmful contaminants and pollutants.

This water filter can purify up to 3.8 liters of water, which is suitable for large families. You can easily use this fresh and soft water throughout your whole day and keep yourself hydrated. The ultra freshwater makes your coffee, tea, and meals more delicious and healthy. 

Ehm pitchers immediately filter the water and remove more than 90% of harmful substances like lead and copper compared to the rest of the filter pitchers. 

  • 6 Stage Water filtration
  • Premium quality jug
  • Immediate filtration
  • Remove 99% of germs and dirt
  • Lids do not fit well and require extensive filter changing.

Frizzle Water Filter Pitcher

Water Filter Pitchers to soften water

This is the latest water filter pitcher on our list, which is effective for hard waters. Its long-lasting filter makes you stress-free of changing a filter again and again. 

Frizzle has uniquely designed this pitcher, and the just is made of premium quality material that lasts for a longer time. Unlike other pitchers, it offers adjustable filtration speed, which is pretty cool. 

It offers 5 stage filtration that removes chlorine, lead, fluoride, odor, and other pollutants from water. After filtration, the essential minerals like calcium remain in the water to make it more healthy.

The filtration material is made of high-quality NSF-certified materials that last for a longer time. You have to change the filter after every two months to get fresh water. At the bottom of each filter cartridge, there is a regulator.

Further, the filter’s capacity is also suitable for different parties, and you can filter a maximum of 10 cups per load. The efficient lid design makes it easy to pour water into the pitcher. 

Note: Frizzlife water filter pitcher is not designed to reduce TDS from water. But the pitcher can improve the taste, make water soft, and reduce pollutants. 

  • Ergonomic Top Design
  • Adjustable Filtration
  • 5 Stage Filtration
  • Not For TDS Reduction

MOSFiATA Water Filter Pitcher

Here comes the multi-filtration pitcher that effectively removes all the dirt and contaminants from water and makes it soft. It’s the best pitcher to remove odors and to improve the water taste.

This water filter pitcher also has an extra PP cotton layer which effectively removes sand, dust particles, and large particles of solid impurities. So, you can filter any water, either it’s well water or tap water.

The quality of the jug is outstanding, and it has a good grip handle. The filtration material is also made from NSF-certified material and offers ultra-fast filtration.

MOSFiATA water filter pitchers offer 2.5: water capacity at a time, nearly 10 cups. You can use these water pitchers for large families, parties, offices, picnics, etc. The pitcher’s weight is too light, and the body is space-efficient so that you can take this pitcher anywhere along with yourself.

For first use, immerse the filter in water for 10-12 minutes and rinse the filter under running water for 10-15 seconds. This way ensures smoother filtration and prevents leakage of water.

  • Multi-filtration layers to avoid impurities
  • Best pitcher to remove chlorine
  • Capacity is good
  • Built-in quality could be improve

Maxblue Water Filter Pitcher

If you want a pitcher that has more TDS, this Maxblue pitcher is best for you. The advanced filtration technology removes all the dissolved solids and organic matter, making the water much softer.

This pitcher comes with 10 cups large capacity, which is enough for a medium-size family. This filter jug is built with a space-efficient design; that’s why it fits in the side food of fridges. 

There is a gravity induction indicator that reminds you about the current status of the filter so you can change it on time to improve water quality.

 Maxblue pitcher uses 6 stage water filtration, eliminating toxins, TDS, chlorine, lead, fluoride, and other harmful contaminants. You will not only get ultra-clean water, but it also improves the taste of water and removes odor from it. 

There is an extra carbon filter and ion exchange resin layer for removing hard metals. That’s why this pitcher effectively softens every type of water. You can use this healthy water to keep hydrated, and it also makes your coffee and tea more delicious than before.

  • 6 Stage filtration
  • Innovative design with indicators
  • 10 cups capacity
  • Pitcher quality could be improve

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitchers

Here comes the last but most premium water filter pitcher; look at Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher if you have a budget. This is the space-efficient filter pitcher that can be placed in fridges. 

It has premium quality material and design that can last for a longer time without any fault. The handle of this filter is also very stable, and it’s easy to carry the jug. Because of its space-efficient design, you can bring it anywhere along with you.

Epic Pure water filter pitcher has special carbon blocks that remove fluoride and chlorine from the water, making it soft and drinkable. The thick carbon block also removes heavy metals like lead, chromium, arsenic, and others.

Different types of tests have been conducted on this pitcher that show that it can remove 2000% more contaminants than other water pitchers.

If you live in an area where water is very contaminated and has foul odor, you must buy this pitcher to ensure high-quality filtered water

This premium pitcher also comes with indicators and a timer that counts from 90 days. It will help you to change the filter on time to keep enjoying ultra pure water. 

  • Premium Quality
  • Indicators
  • Thick carbon layer for filtration
  • Expensive

Final Words

If you face hard water problems in your area, it may be risky for you and create different health issues. To avoid hard water, you must use a pitcher that can soften water. 

The above article mentioned the most popular and best water filter pitcher for hard water. You can pick any one of them according to your need and desire. We appreciate it if you choose any product from our selection; this will also help us earn a small affiliate commission.

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