11 Best Water Filters for Bathroom Sink in 2021

You may not need high-quality water for bathroom use, but still, clean water is important for your skin and health. 

If you are living in an area where hard water is the big problem, then you need a water filter in your bathroom. Hard water contains a heavy amount of calcium and magnesium sulfates and bicarbonates that damage your skin and hair. 

Sometimes you may have seen rust in your faucet. This is a big sign that your water is hard. You need to take immediate action to avoid skin problems. 

The best way to protect yourself from hard water is to use a water filter in your bathroom. After deep research, we have piled the list of the 11 best water filters for bathroom sinks that can easily fit into every faucet. 

Our Recommendations

Best Water Filters for Bathroom Sink

  1. Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter
  2. Brita Basic Faucet Water Filter System
  3. Aquasana AQ-5200.55 Under Sink Water Filter
  4. Waterdrop TSA 3-stage Under Sink Water Filter
  5. Waterdrop 15UA Under Sink Water Filter
  6. EcoPure ECOP20 Dual Stage Undersink Water Filter
  7. AO Smith Under Sink Water Filter System
  8. Engdenton Faucet Water Filter
  9. APEC Water Systems
  10. CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter 
  11. 3M Aqua-Pure Under Sink

Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter

Water Filters for Bathroom Sink

Frizzle MK99 is the most convenient and space-efficient water filter system that you can install under your bathroom sink. This filter comes with unique technology that removes 99% of pollutants and contaminants from water.

It gives you a high flow rate of 2.0GPM @40psi so that you can fill any tub or gallon very quickly. 

This advanced filter has two-stage advanced water purification with 0.5 microns to remove all the heavy metals, chlorine, chromium 6, mercury, rust, organic compounds, and more. 

It not only makes water clean must also make it soft and improve its taste. You can also use this water filter system under your kitchen sink to enjoy a clean water experience. 

If you face rust problems in your faucet, this Frizzlife water filter is perfect for you because it comes with MK99 and MP99 filters that remove all the rust and make your water ultra clean. 

The installation process is pretty easy; you will get all the essential items that require installation time in the package. Frizzle gives you 2 years of warranty time on its cartridge, but we suggest you change it after 6-8 months for an ultra-clean water experience.

  • Advance filtration remove 99% contaminants
  • Fast flow rate
  • Easy to install
  • Multi purpose use
  • Not NSF certified

Brita Basic Faucet Water Filter System

Best Water Filter for Bathroom Sink

Brita is one of the most famous and growing water filter brands; it also offers basic filtration systems for bathroom faucets. A good thing is these filters are budget-friendly but very powerful.

Brita water filters can be easily installed on any standard faucet and make tap water clean and skin-friendly. You don’t require any tools and equipment to attract these filters with your faucet.

The space-efficient design looks more attractive and intelligent. Brita basic water filters can remove 99% of lead, unhealthy minerals. Chlorine, asbestos, particulates, benzene, and more.

In addition to removing harmful contaminants from water, it also improves the color and quality of water. It eliminates odor from the water and also enhances its taste.

The company suggests you change the filter after every 100 gallons to ensure ultra-clean water again.

Another plus point in this filter is the indicator, so you can quickly know the current status of the filter, and when it turns red, immediately change the filter. As compared to other water filters, Brita water filters are long-lasting and made with premium quality materials.

Brita manufactures fully NSF-certified filter systems, so you can buy these filters with confidence.

  • Very easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Light indicators
  • Can’t be use as water softener

Aquasana AQ-5200.55 Under Sink Water Filter

Water Filter for Bathroom Sink

If you are looking for a more advanced and long-lasting under-sink filter, have a look at the Aquasana 2-stage water filter. This filter is made of NSF-certified material that gives ultra protection and effective filtration.

The filter is tested hundreds of times, and it can effectively remove 99% of 77 contaminants, including calcium and magnesium sulfates, lead, asbestos, herbicides, pesticides, and more.

This water filter has a space-efficient design, and you can easily install it under the bathroom sink. The filtration process is very quick, and the flow rate is also outstanding.

The advanced Claryum technology removes VOCs and heavy meals more effectively to improve the taste and color of the water. Aquasana AQ-5200 water filter system comes with indicators that alert you when you need to change the filter.

Clary filtration technology retains valuable minerals in the water so that you can use the filtered water for cooking purposes as well.

Similarly, this water filter system doesn’t require any maintenance, which is a big plus point. You can easily filter faucet water for up to 6 months, and after that, you must change the filters to enjoy clean water constantly.

  • Claryum Technology
  • NSF Certified
  • Extra Brushed Nickel Faucet
  • Plastic quality could be improve

Waterdrop TSA 3-stage Under Sink Water Filter

Best Water Filters for Bathroom

Water Drop is one of the most premium quality water filters that can be used for multi-purposes. The filter not only cleans the water but also softens the water and makes it skin-friendly.

The extended-lasting filter has a lifespan of 12 months, but we recommend you change the filter after 6 months. If your water is contaminated with TDS, this is the best filter for you to remove TDS and other impurities.

You can easily guess the presence of TDS from water taste and quality. If your water looks dirty and has a sour taste, it must have TDS. It comes with efficient 3 stage filtration that reduces rust, sand, eliminates large particles, and more.

The premium quality PP cotton and KDF filter effectively remove chlorine from water and make it ultra-clear and clean. You can easily install a Water Drop TSA water filter and directly connect it with any standard faucet.

The water filter works perfectly with 3/8″ and 1/2″ cold water tubes. The advanced twist-and-lock design allows you to replace a filter in just 3 seconds which is very convenient.

  • Efficient 3 stages filtration
  • Require no maintenance
  • Remove odor from water
  • NSF certified
  • Water flow is bit low

Waterdrop 15UA Under Sink Water Filter

which one is a Best Water Filter for Bathroom Sink

This is one of the best water filters for the bathroom under the sink; if you are on a budget, go for it. It’s suitable with all types of standard faucets and makes their water ultra-clean and usable.

Waterdrop 15UA water filter is WQA certified and complies with NSF 371 and NSF 42 standards. No doubt, Waterdrop offers a premium quality filter, so you don’t need to worry about the quality.

This is the best water filter system to remove TDS from your faucet water and improve water quality. Its ultrafiltration membrane can filter impurities larger than 0.01μm.

The filter effectively removes chlorine, fluorine, lead, and other contaminants from water. It not only improves the quality of water but also improves its taste and makes it odor-free.

Further, it comes with a sleek and space-efficient design, so you can easily install this filter under the sink of any place near your faucet. The pipe quality is outstanding, giving you stable water flow for a long time.

Water Drop promises extended lasting filtration of 24 months; it recommends you change the filter after 24 months, which is a greater lifespan than other filters.

  • High quality water filter
  • Space efficient design
  • Remove TDS and Odor
  • Improve water taste
  • Water pressure may drop after changing filter

EcoPure ECOP20 Dual Stage Undersink Water Filter

Best Filters for Bathroom Sink

EcoPure is an NSF-certified brand offering advanced water filters that can effectively remove pollutants from water. This is another budget-friendly water filter for bathroom sinks.

We recommend this filter if the water of your home is contaminated with hard metals. If your water taste is sour or rusty, you should buy an EcoPure water filter system.

This filter can reduce over 58 contaminants, including chlorine, cysts, lead, chromium, magnesium, and other chemicals. Because of its convenient design, it’s space-efficient, and you can easily install this filter under the sink.

It offers 2 stage filtration, which is effective for bathroom water. Compared to the rest of the water filters, EcoPure offers quick filtration with a fast flow rate. Secondly, you don’t need to do any maintenance, and you can change its filter in just seconds without turning off our water supply.

The best thing that we like about EcoPure water filters is their extended lasting warranty and lifetime support. If you face any fault in the filter, you can directly contact them, and they will try to resolve your issue

  • Effective filtration
  • High Quality
  • Extra Faucet
  • Water flow rate could be improve

AO Smith Under Sink Water Filter System

Water Filter for Bathroom Sink

The AO Smith Water filters are the most popular because of their quality. This water filter comes with a completely new design that is sleeker and space-efficient.

You can easily install this water filter under the bathroom sink, and it can be connected with any standard faucet. AO Smith water filter can efficiently reduce 99% of contaminants and reduce TDS which is a plus point.

For chlorination purposes, this filter is best; it can remove 99% of chlorine from water and make it more transparent and short. It also eliminates the odor from the water and improves its taste.

The filters in this system are certified to NSF/ANSI standards 42 and 53 that ensure ultra-clean water. But this water filter is not effective for removing hard metals.

This water filter can last for 1,389 gallons, meaning you can use this filter for approximately 6 months. After 6 months, you have changed the filter to ensure high-quality water.

  • Effectively improve the taste and
  • Best for removing chlorine
  • NSF certified
  • Not suitable to filter organic metal

Engdenton Faucet Water Filter

This is a faucet water filter that you can use in your bathrooms for clean water. If there is rust in the water or a high chlorine concentration in water, this water filter is perfect for you.

The Edenton water faucet is perfect for you. This faucet filter is made of high-quality grade 304 stainless steel, which is crack and leakage proof.

Your filter can easily fit in any standard faucet, and it’s too easy to install the water filter. Edenton Faucet Water Filter comes with advanced Activated Carbon Fiber filtration technology that effectively removes bacteria, fungus, rust, dirt, chlorine, and all other kinds of contaminants from water.

It will give you a stable water flow of 0.5GPM; you can fill 8 cups of water in just a minute. You can also use this water filter on your kitchen faucet and enjoy the clean water for dishwashing, cooking, etc.

You can easily adjust the angle of the filter, and it can be rotated from 90 degrees to 360 degrees, which is the plus point.

  • Adjustable water filter
  • High quality steel
  • Improve the water of taste
  • Not effective for filtering heavy metals

APEC Water Systems

APEC water filters are best-selling under sink water filters that are designed and assembled in the USA. The premium US-made filter is potent and makes the water soft and usable. 

This under sink water filter can give you 12 months of filter change-out time, and during that time, you don’t need any maintenance. You can easily fit this water filter with any standard faucet and enjoy clean water.

The water can be used for cooking, clean dishes, tea, coffee, and other purposes. It improves the taste of water by eliminating chlorine from it. 

APEC water filters can filter heavy metals like chlorine, taste, odor, and more. Because of its effective filtration, it removes all types of harmful pollutants and odor and improves water quality. 

When it comes to installation, it’s very easy to install APEC water filters. It only takes 20 minutes to install the system under the bathroom or kitchen sink. You will get all the essential installation tools in a box. 

  • Supreme quality
  • Best for removing organic metals
  • Easy to install
  • Improves water quality
  • The flow rate could be improved

CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter 

 water filters for bathroom sinks

Here comes CuZn UC-200 under sink water filter that gives you up to 5 years per filter Time. And it doesn’t need any maintenance to make it stress-free. 

This water filter offers 3 stage filtration that filters all the micro contaminants. This water filter is perfect for well water, as it makes the water soft and clean. 

CuZn water filter can’t reduce TDS or PPM, but it is effective for chlorination and removing hard metals. If your bathroom water has low PH, this water filter is best for you as it reduces all the common PH pollutants and makes it ultra-clean. 

You can use this filter system for multiple purposes, it improves the taste of water, and you can also use the water for cooking. The water filter not only cleans the water but also removes odor from it. 

With CuZn water filter, you will also get support, so in case you are facing any issue, contact the support team, and they will assist you on each step. 

  • 3 stage filtration
  • Improves the taste of water
  • Remove odor from water
  • Can’t reduce TDS 

3M Aqua-Pure Under Sink

bathroom under sink water filter

3M Aqua-pure is the last water filter on our list that comes with a universal system design. You can use this filter on both chlorinated and non-chlorinated systems. 

This filter system is certified by NSF for effective filtration. It improves the water quality to 95% and makes it ultra-clean and drinkable. You can use the water for drinking purposes, cooking, to make coffee and tea. 

Compared to the rest of the water filter, it requires regular maintenance to ensure efficiency and effective performance. You have to change the filter after every six months to get clean water constantly. The good thing about this water filter is that it has a fast flow rate. 

It is the best water filter that you can install under the sink. Because of its unique and efficient design, it takes significantly less space. Quality wise this is a good water filter, as its material is certified by NSF. The premium quality material lasts for a longer time, so you don’t need to worry about the quality.

  • Good Quality
  • Fast Water Flow
  • NSF Certified
  • Not suitable for all kind of faucets

Guide To Buy Best Under sink Water Filter For Bathroom

To get the perfect filter for your bathroom sink, you must consider the following things before buying:

Filtration Technology

Filtration technology is the foremost factor that you must consider if you buy the perfect filter for your bathroom sink.

Several filters are available, including multi-level carbon filters, KDF filters, and Vitamin C filters. The best water filter is the one that sounds most effective based on your needs and requirements

Filtration Capacity

Always go with that filter with the larger filtration capacity so that you don’t need to replace it again and again.

According to the brand you are using, the filter cartridge has a lifespan that varies. Choose the brand that offers the most extended cartridge life to ensure you are getting the best product.

The capacity of some filters ranges between 20,000 and 40,000 liters for 6 months to a year.


As your bathroom sink is used again and again daily, it is vital to go with that filter made from high-quality material.

High-quality filters will last for a longer time. That’s why it is essential to buy a high-quality filter because it will be best for your bathroom sink.

Purified Water

Water purification is most apparent for this reason. We must use clean water to protect our health since unclean water can have numerous adverse effects on our bodies.

Bacteria and protozoa can grow in contaminated water and cause water-borne diseases.

In the same way, using hard water with excessive amounts of dissolved minerals and metals is harmful to our health. Therefore, we must remove the extra minerals before using


It is a one-time investment to buy a sink-mounted water filter for your bathroom sink.

The benefit of investing in a good quality water filtration system is that it will last longer, and you will not have to worry about repairing it, which can turn out to be more expensive. 

As discussed in the steps above, planning is necessary to make sure the product is worth our investment.

It also proves to be more economical because we do not have to purchase packaged water for daily use again and again, which is expensive, time-consuming, and inconvenient.

Generally, you want to purchase faucet water filters, and you do not have to change often.

Final Words

No doubt you need clean, and bacteria-free water for bathroom use as most of the USA water is hard that can damage sensitive skin and cause hair fall. So you should choose a water filter for the bathroom sink to avoid hard water.

We have mentioned above the best water filter for your bathroom sink, and we appreciate it if you buy any filter from our list.

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