Why Brita Faucet Filter Light Is Not Working?

Brita light indicators are very useful that helps you to know when to change the filter. And it’s very frustrating to know when to change the filter without these indicators. 

Sometimes you notice that Brita faucet filter light is not working properly. This is because of its non-replaceable battery run out. If your Brita filter is in warranty, then contact the support team, and they will replace it.

The indicators on Brita faucet filters stop working after 2-5 years, depending upon its usage. And also, you can’t replace the battery to make it functional, and its battery is stored in a hidden area sealed under the cover.

Similarly, indicators go blank if you don’t maintain your filter or stick to one color light.

As light indicators in Brita water filters vary from filter to filter. Today’s guide will help you find how each type of Brita indicator works and why indicators are stuck. We will also discuss Brita’s battery policy and some other common solutions to fix this issue.

Working Of Brita Light Indicators

Working Of Brita Light Indicators

Light indicators show the current status of your filter and tell you when to change the filter. 

It’s working is Based on some gallon size and number. It tells how many gallons of water you have filtered. Once you have filtered 40 gallons, these indicators turn red, and you will have to replace its filter for normal working. 

There is no direct connection between the indicator and the filter. So if indicators are not working, it doesn’t mean that your filter becomes useless.

Brita Faucet Light Indicators

Modern Brita faucets use light indicators that measure how much water is passing through the system. As compared to electronic Brita filters, this one has a long lifespan. 

When Brita faucet water filter shows red light, it means you need to change its filter, or after filtering 100 gallons of water, you replace the filter. Replacement of filter also depends upon the water quality; for more contaminated water, you may replace filter after filtering 60-70 gallons.

How Does Brita Filter Work Too Fast?

Brita Pitcher Filter Indicator Working

Brita also offers light indicators in its pitchers, which is very convenient. And it’s a great way to know when to change the filter.

In Brita pitchers, these filters work as a timer measuring how much water you filtered with the pitcher. The only purpose of the indicator in the Brita system is to tell you the status of the filter. So these indicators are not an important part of the system.

You can also judge the status of the filter by water taste and odor. If you feel that filtered water has a bad taste, you must replace the filter to make it work properly. 

This happens because most of the dust particles accumulate in the filter, and after some time, it can’t do effective filtration. Using such water is very dangerous for your health, so it’s important to change the filter after 3-4 months, depending upon the usage.

Brita Faucet Filter Light Is Not Working: Solution!

Sometimes after changing the filter, you light indicators get stuck, or it’s not working properly. So you can rest the light to make it work. But if it is still not working, it means there is a problem with the battery. 

How To Reset Brita Filter

There is a reset button in each Brita filter model, and the button is labelled as “reset”. To rest the indicators, simply press and hold the button for 8 seconds. 

The indicator blinks with green light three times simultaneously. After that, hands will reset, and now you can release the button. 

How To Reset New Brita Filter Indicators

Press and hold down the status button beneath the lights to rest the filter indicator on new Brita filters. 

  • Hold the button for six seconds for “Longlast Filter.”
  • Hold the button for two seconds for “Standard Filter.”

If Brita filter indicators are still working, you should change the battery or contact the support team to solve this matter. 

How To Reset Brita Faucet Filter?

Brita’s faucet filters also come with light indicators, so you can reset them whenever you want. If you are changing the oil filter, you should know how to reset its indicators.

Step 1:

Check the status of the filter by using an indicator; if it blinks red, then buy a new filter compatible with your Brita system model. 

Step 2:

Depending upon the model, push the faucet function handle so the water comes with the filter. Now turn off the water and press the cartridge release button on the backside.

Step 3:

Now remove the cartridge gently; if it doesn’t remove easily, push the release button again. The old cartridge is currently expired. You should throw it out or recycle it.

Step 4:

Fit the new filter carefully in the same position. Set the filter base edge with the faucet unit and align the filter. After that, gently slide into the corresponding holes in the system.

Step 5:

Now your filter is successfully replaced. Turn on the tap and let the water flow for 3-5 minutes. This will activate your filter and clean carbon particles.

Do Brita Water Filters Soften Water?

Brita’s Battery Policy

As Brita water filters give one year of manufacturer warranty, you can contact the support team if you are facing any issue.

The Battery policy is the same for all types of Brita filter models, so you don’t need to worry about which type of filter you have. 

To check Brita’s battery policy, check the warranty section on the user manual guide. Brita states that you can use the water filter after the indicator battery has run out. The duration of each replacement filter is, however, up to you. 

Can You Replace The Brita Water Filter’s Batteries?

In Brita, water filter batteries are stored under a hidden compartment sealed under the cover. You can replace the battery, but it demands some technical skills.

For this purpose, you have to break the seal first, remove the battery and then replace it with a new one as it’s a risky task, so you can also hire an expert to do this job. 

We don’t recommend you replace the battery by yourself if you don’t have technical skills.

Secondly, if your Brita water filter is in warranty, you can contact their team, and they will help in this matter.

Brita Filter Indicator Light Sequence

As mentioned earlier, the Brita filter indicator helps you to know the current status of the filter. But what is the purpose of green light, yellow light and red light?

Green Light

Green is the symbol of peace, so whenever a filter flashes green light, it means that everything is OK. Greenlight indicates that you are drinking healthy and clean water without contaminants.

Yellow Light

If there is a yellow light on the filter, it means that your filter will soon become expire. Your Amazon filter order is triggered automatically at this time. Water is still clean and drinkable at this stage, so you don’t need to worry about water quality.

Red Light

Red is a clean symbol of danger; when Brita water filter flashes red light, it means you have to change the filter immediately; otherwise, you can’t get clean water. At this point, the filter can’t filter water because many dirt particles accumulate with it. 

Using water at this point may be risky for you as it contains many contaminated particles that may harm your health. 

Other Forms Of Brita Indicators:

Old models of Brita water filters are pretty different from new ones, and there are no light indicators on them, rather they offer a percentage bar.

On memo version there are four bar displayed on screen. Bars show the filter current status and it decreases from 100% to 50% and 10%.

In the Brita meter version there are four unlabeled bars on the screen, each bar represents weekly filter usage. To rest these filters simply hold the start button until all bars flash up and display. 

What Will Happen When Brita Faucet Filter Light Is Not Working?

I have seen that most of the people depend on filter light indicators which is not good. They change the water filter once the light turns red.

But when the filter light is not working, they still try to filter the water, which is contaminated water causing health issues. The light indicator is not directly related to the filter. You should change the filter once you feel a bad smell from the water. 


How to activate the electronic indicator on the Brita water filter?

After setting the filter, press and hold the status button for 2 seconds, and the indicator will automatically activate.

How often should I replace my filter in the Brita system?

There is no fixed time to replace the water filter, and it depends upon the nature of the water. If your water is hard and full of contaminants, you should change the filter every two months. This will ensure you enjoy clean and healthy water.

Where is the location of Brita faucet filter indicators?

brita filter indicator not working

Final Words

Brita water filter indicators tell you about the filter’s current status and help you know when to change the filter. But when the Brita faucet filter light is not working, you can observe the filter’s condition from the water taste. 

The indicator light doesn’t depend on the filter health and system condition, so you don’t need to worry about it if it’s not working. 

If you want to make indicator function, then reset the indicators, or contact the Brita support team and ask them to replace the battery.


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