Can I Run My Whirpool Refrigerator Without a Water Filter?

You can easily run the Whirpool refrigerator without a water filter if a bypass plug is installed. With modern refrigerators, it has become easy to have fresh and clean water all the time. Many refrigerators these days have built-in ice makers and water dispensers.

These refrigerators usually have a water filter installed, but what if you want to use the refrigerator without the filter?

Refrigerators with water filters are essential as they provide you with fresh and purified water. However, you can also use your refrigerator without a filter. In this article, we will look at the circumstances in which it is appropriate to use a refrigerator without a filter.

Working of Whirpool Refrigerator Without Filter

Most refrigerators these days have installed water filters in them. The water filter helps remove the impurities from the tap water supply so you can drink fresh water.

The water filter is usually connected to the water dispenser or ice maker. However, if you do not install the filter with the refrigerator, the water will not go through the filtration step. It will go straight into the ice maker or the dispenser.

Can The Whirpool Ice Maker Work Without a Water Filter?

The Whirpool ice maker will continue to work even after the water filter has been removed. Some refrigerators need a bypass plug to remove the filter, while others do not.

The water system in the refrigerator continues to work usually. Just the water filtration step will be skipped without a filter.

Moreover, it will not slow down the production of ice or slow dispensing of water. But, if you want to have filtered water, you need to install a new filter.

Which Water Filters Are Used in The Whirpool Refrigerator?

Whirlpool has approved everydrop® filters only to be used in its refrigerators whenever a replacement is required. These replacements are NSF certified for reducing the lead and removing 65 potentially harmful contaminants.

These contaminants, if left in the water, can be harmful to your health. Therefore it is essential to use everydrop® filters in Whirpool refrigerators so you can get purified water.

For How long a Water filter can be used in the Whirpool refrigerator?

In some Whirpool refrigerators, a status indicator or light is present, which tells when it is the right time to change the filter. However, if there is no light or indicator, every 6 months is the ideal time to change the filter.

However, if you notice that the ice maker or dispenser’s water flow decreases before 6 months, you may need to change your filter before.

Make sure that you do not place your water filter for more than a year. You should change it before because most of the filters use carbon for removing impurities. If a carbon filter is used beyond its capacity, it will be harmful because the water you drink will not be purified.

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What If You Don’t Replace The Water Filter?

If you don’t replace the water filter after 6 months, it can deposit buildup and scale in the ice machine and water. This buildup in water causes damage to your refrigerator.

The buildup in water affects the working of the refrigerator and slows down the system. It will result in low water flow and a bad taste of water.

Can You Reuse The Water Filters?

If your water filter is not in bad condition, you can use it again. Make sure you have dumped all the debris from this filter. After this, soak the filter for a good ten minutes in any gentle cleanser.

You can either soak the filter into vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or liquid soap. Keep it soaked until all the debris has been removed from it.

Does Your Refrigerator Need a Filter?

Most of the refrigerators already have installed water filters connected to the water dispenser and ice maker. If you regularly use the water dispenser, water filters should be replaced after at least six months.

In other cases, you can use your refrigerator even without the water filter. The only difference will be unfiltered water for drinking.

Is It Possible To Bypass The Refrigerator Water Filter?

Most of the time, you can easily bypass your water filter in the refrigerator. Modern refrigerators have a built-in bypass, so you do not need a bypass plug. Usually, you will find the bypass plug in the refrigerator compartment.

To use the bypass, you need to turn the filter in the counterclockwise direction until the water filter slides out.

Refrigerator Water Filters and Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is an advanced filtration process. Multiple carbon filters are used in this process, but another additional step is using a semi-permeable membrane. The semi-permeable membrane can even filter the things that the carbon filter cannot.

So if you have reverse osmosis and use it with your refrigerator, you do not need a refrigerator water filter. It is recommended to remove the water filter by installing a bypass plug in your refrigerator.

Is It Safe To Drink Refrigerator Water?

Drinking refrigerator water is safe to drink as long as your filter is working fine. However, if you do not replace your water filter after 6 months, many harmful chemicals or bacteria may be left in the dangerous water.

Whenever you get a glass of water from your fridge, it will contain chemicals and harmful bacterial such as fecal coliform or E. coli. These are very harmful and can cause severe health damage.

Using An Old Water Filter Will Make You Sick.

If you continue to use an old water filter, you will become sick. This is because you will get water containing harmful bacteria because of this old water filter.

Moreover, the bacteria can multiply itself because of the moist environment in the pitcher, so its concentration will be increased. This increased number of bacterial will make you sick. Therefore, it is better to replace your filter every 6 months.

Where To Find The Water Filter In Whirpool Refrigerator?

Inside the refrigerator in the upper right-hand corner, you will find the water filter cover, or you may find it in the base grille. For changing the filter, lift the door and pull it out. Discard the old water filter and replace it with the new one.


We hope you have figured out if you can run your Whirpool refrigerator without a water filter. You can easily use your refrigerator without a filter, but you will get unfiltered water.

It is essential to change your water filter every 6 months. If you do not change your filter, there are chances that harmful chemicals and bacteria may be left in the water that will be dangerous for your health.

Some refrigerators have a bypass plug already installed. The bypass plug allows using of refrigerators without a water filter. We hope that our information has cleared all your queries related to the use of refrigerator water filters.

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