How Does Brita Filter Work Too Fast? Explained!!!

Brita faucet filters effectively remove all types of contaminants, bacteria, pesticides, and germs from water and make it ultra-pure. The good thing about this water filter is that it offers a high-speed flow rate. You can quickly fill your cups and pots in just seconds.  

Sometimes the filter is not fixed correctly. As a result, there is a gap between the filter and the container. This will lead to an ultra-fast water flow rate. You should read the guide on how to fix the filter correctly.

Although fast water flow is essential, but too fast a water flow rate can waste a lot of water. So in today’s guide, we will discuss why Brita Filter works too fast compared to traditional filters. And how you can fix the filter to adopt normal flow.

How Does Brita Filter Work Too Fast?

brita filters is too fast

There are a lot of factors that cause fast water flow. But here are some of the significant factors that you should read.

Water Condition:

Water condition depends on water flow. If you live in an area where water is already clean, the Brita water filter takes significantly less time to filter that water. As a result, water moves more quickly. 

But in case if you are facing a hard water problem or water is too contaminated, then Brita water filter takes a lot of time to filter that water and hence water flow rate will gradually decrease.

Faulty Filter:

The other primary reason that causes very fast water flow is some manufacturing defect in the carbon filter. The purpose of the carbon filter is to block harmful contaminants, so it slows down water flow. 

But if your filter doesn’t have sufficient carbon, it means that it can’t stop dust particles. So, in that case, the water flow rate will automatically increase. So you must check the carbon filter quality before purchasing it. 

Not Fixed Correctly:

Most people replace the filter in a hurry, so most of the filters are not fixed properly. This can also lead to a fast water flow rate because a large gap is created between filter and container most of the time. 

White space or gap allows water to come out without any filtration, so water moves more quickly. This type of water contains harmful contaminants and germs, so it’s not good to drink such type of water.

You should read the guide carefully on fixing the filter in the system or how to replace the filter. And do this process more carefully and give it your maximum time. 

Are You Using Brita Stream Water Filter?

Brita has recently added a new water filter in its filter lines much faster than ordinary filters. If you are using a Brita Stream water filter, then it offers a high-speed water flow rate. 

According to research, Stream filters can deliver a 10X fast flow rate as compared to market-leading filters. This filter comes with an activated carbon block that immediately filters the water and removes chlorine, dust, dirt, and odor.

This latest Brita filter has 10 cups capacity, and it’s made with BPA-free plastic, which is available in two attractive designs.

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The Flow Rate Of Brita Water Filters

As compared to the traditional filters, the Brita water filter offers fast filtration and flow rate. But this flow rate varies in each type of Brita Water Filter Systems. All types of Brita filters are NSF certified and offer high performance. 

Brita filters system offers different types of technologies for filtration; some have activated carbon, and the rest use an ion-exchange method. That’s why the flow rate varies from filter to filter. 

Water Filter  Time To Fill a Cup
Brita – Long-last 188 Sec
Clearly Filtered 730 Sec
PUR – Lead Reduction 230 Sec
Brita – Standard 40 Sec

Among all these filters, Brita standard water filters offer a high flow rate. It also lasts for a longer time and is pretty affordable as compared to other Brita filters.

How Do You Know If Your Brita Water Filter Is Working Fine?

Most people become afraid after seeing the fast water flow of the Brita system and take immediate action that can damage the system.

Before taking any action against the fast water flow, you should double-check that your Brita water filter is working fine or not. 

The best way to check the working of Brita filters is to check the indicators. Greenlight on the filter shows that your system appropriately filters water, and red light tells you to change the filter because it’s expired immediately.

Sometimes red light also indicates a fault in the Brita system. 

The best practice is to drink the water now when the light turns red and replace the filter as soon as possible to ensure clean water. 

The second way to judge the proper functionality of the Brita system is to taste the water. If the water tastes bad and you stink, it means your filter is not working correctly. So you need to change your filter or check that the filter is fixed correctly at its position.

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Different Types Of Brita Filters and Their Flow Rates

1- Brita Standard Filter

brita standard filter flow rate

Most people use Brita Standard water filters to improve the taste of water. It comes with an advanced design making it perfect for pitchers and dispensers. You can easily filter 40 gallons of water with a Brita Standard filter.

Unlike the rest of the Brita filter, this standard filter offers a very fast flow rate because it uses a premium activated carbon membrane. And the ion-exchange technology also increases the filtration process to get ultra-clean water in just minutes.

2- Brita Longlast Water Filter

why brita water filter is too fastThis filter can reduce 99% of chlorine from water and make it soft. Brita Long-last water filter eliminates 99% of germs and bacteria from water and removes lead, cadmium, mercury, benzene, and more. 

The good thing about this filter is it can remove 3X more contaminants than the rest of the water filter. But when it comes to flow rate, it’s not much better than a standard filter. In the beginning, water flows very fast, but with time, it becomes slow, which may be its downside.

3- Brita Bottle Filter

The Brita Water Filters use an activated carbon filter to block all the contaminants found in tap water. If your water taste is bad, this filter is best for you as it can remove 99% of chlorine and odor from your water. And the plus point it these filters are 100% recyclable. 

Brita recommends changing the filter after every 40 gallons for best performance. Just like standard Brita filters, Bottle filters can also filter water immediately.

4- Brita Stream Filter (too fast)

Brita Stream is used for effective filtration as it comes with double carbon filters that remove all types of pollutants. The stream filter can filter around 40 gallons of water, meaning you can use it for 2 months. 

The good thing about this Stream filter is you can drink filtered water without any wait. The flow rate is also reasonable. You can quickly fill a cup within seconds.

5- Brita Faucet Filter

how to increase flow rate of brita filter


This is one of the best selling filters that you can quickly fix on any tap. The water passed through the activated carbon membrane and became clean. The filter can remove chlorine, lead, benzene, and other harmful pollutants. 

The Brita faucet filter can filter 100 gallons of water, so you need to change it after four months. Because of advanced technology, it can filter any water quickly. You will also get indicators on it that shows the current status of the filter.

Why Brita Filter Is Too Slow

Although Brita filters sometimes offer a fast flow rate, you have seen some dip in their flow rates. If your filter takes 15-20 minutes to filter water, it means that it’s slow.

There are different reasons behind the slow rate of Brita water filters. 

1- Nature Of Water

If you live in an area where hard water is the primary problem, you may face a slow flow rate of Brita filter. Hard water contains an excessive amount of limescale that clog your filter. 

Similarly, water with excessive chlorine can also decrease the water flow rate. Low-quality water contains high amounts of pollutants, dirt, and organic metals that decrease the lifespan of filters and reduce flow rate.

In such a case, we recommend you install a whole house water filter before putting the Brita faucet filter on your tap. 

2- Filter Become Too Old

Brita recommends you change the filter after some specific lifespan. If you don’t change the filter at that time, it loses its ability to filter water. Many pollutants clog the filter, and further water can’t pass from the filter then cause a slow flow rate.

Brita Faucet Filter 4 Months (94 – 100 gallons)
Brita Longlast filter 6 Months (120 gallons)
Brita Bottle Filter 2 Months (40 gallons)
Brita Standard Filter 2 Months (40 gallons)
Brita Stream Filter 2 Months (40 gallons)

3- Water Indicator

Indicators on Brita filters help you know the current status of the filter and when to change the filter. If your indicators are not working, then the filter replacement time runs out. And with the time your filter clogged, that leads to a slow water flow rate.

And if your filter shows red indicators, it means that your filter is fully clogged, and now you have to change it immediately. Using water in such conditions may be risky for you, so don’t drink water when the light turns red.

4- Air Trapped In Filter Pores

There are some minute pores in the carbon filter, and most air bubbles are trapped in this media. This will block the water or reduce the water flow. 

To make your filter air bubbles free, dip it upright in cool water for 15-20 minutes. Keep the filter underwater so that it becomes wet; press the bottom smoothly to remove air bubbles.

5- Decreased Tap Water Pressure

Tap water pressure is essential for the fast flow rate of Brita water filters. Sometimes there may be a leakage in the main pipeline, so you should check it if you face a slow water rate. 

6- Incorrect Filter Installation

If the filter is not fit properly, then it can cause a slow water flow rate. You should read the guide before replacing the Brita filter. Incorrect fitting of filter never filtered water, and you will get dirty water. 

Final Words

Sometimes the filter is not fixed correctly in the container that will cause the Brita system to filter water too fast. There are a lot of other reasons behind fast water that we have mentioned above. 

Overall, all the Brita water filters offer a reasonable flow rate so you can quickly fill your cups. But ultra-fast flow rate may be a problem for you, so try to find a solution for this.


How fast should my Brita filter be?

Brita water filters use coconut-based activated carbon filters that take little time to filter water. Usually, most of the Birta system takes around 10 to 15 minutes to purify the water. 
But this time can vary because of the nature of water. The PUR water system also takes a similar amount of time to filter the water. 

Does Stream Water Filter 10 times faster than Brita Filter?

Stream is the latest Brita water filter in the market, which has a capacity of 10-cups. Brita steam water filter is too fast, even if it is 10 times faster than Brita standard filter. It comes with a double carbon filter that removes all types of pollutants.

How long do you soak a Brita filter before using it?

For soaking your new filter, carefully dip in water for 15-20 minutes to ensure that the carbon is saturated. This process will remove all the tiny activated carbon particulates. 

How do you know if your Brita filter is bad?

Sometimes you may notice a bad taste of water, and it is because the filter is not filtering water properly. And after some time, you feel the odor from water. In this case, you have to change the filter immediately to make it functional. 

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