How Does The PUR Water Filter Light Work?

There is not a big rocket science behind the working of PUR light indicators, and it works simply.

The green light shows that everything is working well. A yellow light indicates that soon you would have to change the filter. And the red light shows that now it’s time to change the filter.

These light indicators are helpful in PUR water filters and allow you to enjoy clean and safe water. Because without these PUR water filter’s light, you can’t understand how much dirt particles are accumulated in the filter and when you need to change it. 

But you should learn something extra about the working of PUR water filter light. So stay tuned with us for 2 minutes. 

How Does The PUR Water Filter Light Work?

PUR water filters collect all the dirty and contaminated particles from the water, giving you pure and clean water to drink. 

But the filter has a lifespan, and you can’t overuse it otherwise you wouldn’t get pure water.

According to the PUR water filter, You have to change the filter for high quality and clean water after three months. But still, it depends on the water quality within your area; if your water is hard and too contaminated, you should replace the filter sooner.

So how would you recognize that life in Spain? The PUR water filter light indicator helps you to know when to change or clean the filter.

Later on, we will also discuss how to rest these indicators to get better indications.

Green Light

Green is the symbol of peace. When you see a green light on your PUR water filter, it means that everything is working fine.

On the green indicator, your filter provides clean, contaminated accessible and absorbing harmful materials like lead, carbon, etc. You can drink this pure water and ensure that your family is drinking healthy water. 

Usually, before the filtration of 70 gallons, the PUR water filter shows this indicator. After that, some dirt and contaminated particles start to get entangled into the filter.

Also, the light turns green when you replace the filter. 

Sometimes you have noticed that the green light flashes six times; there is nothing to worry about. The green light of your PUR water filter flashes six times when you start to use it. 

Yellow Light

A yellow light indicates a warning; when you use a PUR water filter for a long time, then dust particles start accumulating on the filter, and that time your filter warns you to change the filter as soon as possible. 

This light will come when you have filtered over 70-75 gallons, but these numbers may fluctuate because of contaminants in the water.

When the light goes to yellows, then after that, you can filter 4-5 gallons, and then you should immediately change the filter. The sooner you change the filter, the more beneficial it’s for you. 

Red Light

If you see the red light indicator on the PUR water filter, then immediately change the filter. There are many dirt particles present in the filter, and further filtration of water is useless. 

If you still filter the water, you will feel a unique dirty taste of water which can cause severe problems for your family. 

According to the PUR water filter, you should immediately change the filter once you have filtered 100 gallons, at which point your filter isn’t capable of filtering further. But it is again dependent on contaminated particles in the water.

After replacing the filter, the red light again turns to green, and now you can again enjoy the clan and filtered water, which is good for your health.

Why Is My PUR Water Filter Blinking Red After A Filter Change?

How To Rest PUR Water Filter?

When PUR water filter lights turn red, you have to change the filter. After changing the filter, the red light automatically turns green, and your filter again starts working correctly. 

The red light doesn’t turn green in some cases, but you don’t need to worry about it. Resting the filter may solve this issue.  

You can reset your PUR water filter by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • Remove the filter from the system and replace it with a new one.
  • Press the “Reset” button and hold it for 5 seconds. In some filters, you have to keep the buttons for 3 seconds.
  • Now rise the whole filter housing off
  • Install everything back again, and your filter’s light will turn green.

If still, your issue exists, you should check the bottom part. At this spot, there is a sensor, and sometimes it stops working when the light. You can fix this issue by using different available tools or a knife.

Final Words

Changing the light indicator on the PUR water filter is expected; you don’t need to worry about it. The only red light shows danger, and you have to change the filter once the indicator turns red.

A yellow light indicates that your filter will soon be stuck because dust particles accumulate in the filter. 


How To Increase the Life Of Filter?

You can increase the life of your filter by doing these things;

  • Always filter cold water
  • Never let filter housing block
  • Replace the filter immediately when it gives red light
  • Properly flush the filter before use

How Long Does PUR Water Filter Long?

Typically, PUR water filters can last for three months, but it depends upon the nature of the water. If your water contains much more contaminated particles, then it may last for a short time.

How To Know That PUR Water Filter Is not correctly working?

When you have filtered more than 100 gallons of water, the PUR water filter light turns red, which means your filter is not filtered correctly. So you have to change the filter immediately to make it functional.

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