How To Clean a Water Filter Cartridge: Best Tips!

With the water filter, you get healthy and clean water which is safe from different harmful substances, bacterias, hazards, and other contaminants.

The harmful substance from water stuck with filter so the filter’s cartridge requires maintenance to ensure clean water. It is essential to clean your filter cartridge after a few times.

Remember, to prevent any damage, and you should clean it very carefully. We have enlisted a step-by-step guide. So, let’s jump into it.

How To Clean a Water Filter Cartridge— Step By Step Process

To remove the trapped contaminants and harmful substances, the cartridge of a filter needs to be cleaned. Follow these steps to clean your cartridge without damaging:

1. Turn Off The Filtration System

The first step of the cleaning process is that you should turn off your filtration system. 

This step is essential and crucial. So, don’t forget to turn off your filter system before cleaning the cartridge.

2. Close The Valves

To ensure safety, your next preference will be the closing of the suction valve. Also, you must have to close the return valve of your filter system.

This is one of the essential steps that prevent your filter system cartridge from being ruined. So, close the valves. It is compulsory.

3. Expose The Tank

In the next step, you have to expose the tank of your filter system, and it can be done by opening the bleeder valve.

The function of this valve is to release air buildup inside your filtration system safely.

4. Allow The Water To Drain Out

Now you have to drain the whole water from your filter. This can be done by dejecting the drain plug. You can find a drain plug at the bottom of your filtration tank. By doing this, the trapped water will be flushed out.

5. Remove The Filter Tank Top

You have to remove the top of your filter tank. You will also need to wipe the old lubricant off the seal, the o-ring, and the filter tank body.

You can use a duster or any soft cloth for wiping, but don’t wipe it with a high force to prevent damage.

6. Wash Off The Cartridge Folds

To wash off the cartridge folds, remove the cartridge sheet folds and then use a full spray garden hose to wash off the cartridge folds from top to bottom.

Note: Don’t use high pressure because it can damage the filter media. Remember, the pressure does not exceed 5-7 psi.

7. Reposition The Cleaned Cartridge

Now place the cartridge back carefully. After placing the cartridge, reconnect the drain plug, which you disconnected.

8. Apply Lubricant

Close the tank top after applying lubricant to the O-ring. The purpose of using lubricant is to reduce the friction between the surfaces in mutual contact.

When surfaces move, the lubricant reduces the amount of heat they generate. In addition to transmitting forces and transporting foreign particles, it may also be used for heating or cooling surfaces.

9. Reconnect The Valves

Make sure the suction and return valves are open and that the bleeder valve is open. In this way, the filtration media can naturally aerate. The water must squirt in until it reaches the bleeder valve.

10. Fill The Tank

After cleaning the cartridge and reconnecting all the plugs and valves, the next step you have to perform is to open the strainer tank and fill it with water.

11. Turn On The Water Filter System 

All remaining air in the strainer housing should be forced out by turning on the filter system. Once water squirts out of the bleeder valve, shut it off to prevent bacteria from growing.

Pro Tips for Maintenance and Damage Prevention

You can prevent damage to your cartridge filter system by following the below-mentioned maintenance tips:

Pressure Does Not Exceed

Make sure the operational pressure does not exceed the allowable range of pressure to prevent damage. The cartridge sheets are often damaged or ripped off by high pressure.

Remember, the pressure does not exceed 5-7 psi.

Don’t Use Hard Cloth Or Brushes.

To remove lubricants, please don’t use a hard cloth or brushes for wiping the lubricant. Using hard cloth or brushes can damage the surface, and its cartridge will start leaking when you turn it on.

Always use a soft cloth or duster to clean the lubricants from the surface.

Avoid Sudden Turn Off

You should avoid abruptly turning off the cartridge filter cleaning system, as this can produce reverse jerk flow of water, swirls inside the filtration tank, etc., resulting in abrupt damage to the system.

When To Clean Your Filter Cartridge?

Many people are confused about when to clean the filter cartridge? So, we recommend you clean your filter cartridge after every three months.

It is because when you leave your filter cartridge unclean for a longer time, then a large number of bacteria and other contaminants will appear in it. This will cause the bad taste and odor of water.

Moreover, it is not suitable for health and may cause serious diseases. So it is highly recommended that you take much care of the maintenance of your cartridge filter and make sure to clean it after every three months.

How Much Time Does A Filter Cartridge Lasts

Cartridge filters generally last between one and two years (even up to three years if you follow our maintenance guide).

Signs that you need to replace your pool cartridge filters

Cracked End Caps

Replace any cracked end caps on the cartridge filter immediately if you notice any cracks. Usually, this isn’t a filter issue, and the filter will function normally, but cracked end caps can shatter, leading to more severe problems.

Frayed or Tattered Filters

Having frayed or tattered cartridge filters is a sure sign that you need to replace them. 

This means they’ve already passed their lifespan and can no longer filter out your water effectively.

High Filter PSI even after cleaning

One more sign that the filter cartridge needs to be replaced. A high PSI reading indicates that your filter isn’t filtering water correctly and that your pump is working harder.

Flat or Deformed Pleats

Having flat or deformed filters significantly reduces their filtering capacity, and they must be replaced rapidly. Cleaning routines are recommended to avoid this problem.


The above information concludes that the cleaning of cartridge filters is essential, and you must perform this process every three months.

Additionally, clean the cartridge with a soft cloth or duster to prevent it from damaging.

Just follow the above-mentioned simple steps to clean your filter cartridge without damaging it.

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