How to Unclog Your Pur Water Filter? Explained!

Maintaining the regular Cleaning of your water filter is very important because only then can it work properly. The Pur Water filter is an effective option for water treatment at home. Pur water filters can remove more than 70 chemical and physical contaminants from water.

Sometimes, the Pur water filter takes a much longer time to fill the glass, which means your water filter has slowed down. This is usually because the particles or sediments are clogging your filter.

If clogging is one of the main reasons that slows down your water filter, don’t worry. In this article, we will tell you how you can unclog your Pur water filter.

How to Unclog Your Pur Water Filter?

How to Unclog Your Pur Water Filter?

To unclog your Pur water filter is not very difficult. Several steps are involved in this process. However, you need to maintain regular Cleaning of the Pur water filter because otherwise, you would not get pure water.

Below mentioned are some of the simple steps that you can follow to unclog your Pur water filter.

1- Disconnecting Tap and Pur Water Filter

At the section of the faucet of the Pur filter, there are two buttons located on the side. These buttons are used for connecting the Pur water filter to the faucet. To disconnect the tap and Pur filter faucet, press both the buttons simultaneously.

The Pur filter faucet will get detached from the kitchen tap. Look for the gasket that is located in the water section of the Pur filter.

2- Disassembling the Faucet of Pur Water Filter

The second step is to disassemble the faucet of the Pur water filter. For this, you need to hold the base of the Pur water filter and twist its upper section in the counterclockwise direction. During this process, you may have to exert enough force for this.

You will see the filter head when you will remove the cap. Grab the head of the filter and turn it in a counterclockwise direction. Twisting the filter cylinder may prove difficult for you, especially if too many sediment types are clogging the water filter.

3- Removing Sediments or Particles from Pur Filter

For removing the sediments or the particles from the Pur filter, place it under the faucet open the tap. Let the water keep running through it for more than 5 minutes at least.

The larger particles are usually visible in the filter, so you can use a brush to remove these particles. Ensure to clean the debris as much as possible, especially from the pleated ends and filter holes.

4- Disinfecting the Pur Water Filter

Disinfecting the Pur Water filter is important so that there are no germs or particles left in it. For this, you can take a large bowl in which you can easily keep the faucet filter.

For making the disinfecting solution, mix vinegar and water where vinegar should be one part and water in three parts. After this, soak the filter in this solution for 5 minutes at least. This step will kill all the microorganisms in the filter.

It is essential to ensure that the filter is thoroughly soaked in the disinfectant solution to get the best results. Moreover, it will be best if you get commercially available cleaning solutions. You can also get the one recommended by Pur water filters.

5- Clean the Housing Filter

Leave the filter submerged in the solution and turn to canister and filter housing. Cleaning the canister and filter housing is equally important. For this purpose, you can prepare a separate solution for cleaning them.

Take a cup of warm water and add 10 to 12 drops of liquid soap to it. Use this solution for scrubbing the canister and housing. Make sure that you scrub even the tiny spaces so that no debris is left.

Rinse the housing and water filter canister thoroughly after scrubbing. Take another bowl and make a solution mixing vinegar and water. Soak the housing and canister in it for 3 minutes at least. This will ensure further Cleaning of canister and housing.

6- Rinse the Components of Water Filter

After 3 to 5 minutes, take out the housing and filter canister from the solution. Rinse them thoroughly with clean water. It will be great if the water is cold and run it for 30 seconds at least. Place both these components on the rack so they can dry completely.

Repeat the same process with the Pur water filter faucet. After rinsing it with clean water, place it on the rack as well so it can dry completely.

7- Assembling the Water Filter Again

Once the water filter faucet and other components have been dried thoroughly, it is time to assemble it again. You need to screw the filter in the canister in a clockwise motion. Before inserting the filter, make sure there is no more debris in the canister.

Screw the canister with the filter housing and fix it in its position. Make sure that the topmost section of the filter is secured, and pop the faucet of the Pur water filter into the aerator adapter of the tap.

8- Priming

It is important to run water once through the filter before using the water for drinking or cooking. Open the faucet and run water through it for at least 10 minutes.

In some Pur water filters, there is an LED indicator light. If the Pur water filter light blinks green, you are good to go, and the water is safe for drinking.

Learning About The Inside Of Pur Water Filter

Before you start cleaning your Pur water filter, it is essential to know about its parts because you can have a better idea. Also, you will be able to clean the filter correctly.

There are three sections in a Pur Water filter, including the crude sediment filter, carbon filter, and pleated accordion style filter.

1- Crude Sediment Filter

The function of a crude sediment filter is to filter the water physically and remove the large particles present in the water.

2- Carbon Filter

The carbon filter in a Pur Water filter contains small carbon granules along with small Styrofoam balls. When the water flows from it, the carbon filter absorbs all the impurities from water. Not only that, but it also kills bacteria

3- Pleated Accordion Style Filter

This part of the Pur water filter also filters the water physically. It helps in the filtration of finely sized particles. There is a non-porous inner layer in this section; however, there are tiny holes in the pleated surface.

The Styrofoam balls of the carbon filter get stuck into these holes when the water is passed from the 2nd to 3rd section.

Why Is It Important To Clean The Pur Water Filter?

The cartridges of the water filter work fine for only a particular period. Changing these filter cartridges is essential because without changing these, the filter will eventually stop working.

However, cleaning your water filter is something essential that can increase the lifespan of your filter cartridges. In this way, you will save your money, and you won’t have to change your filter cartridge very often.

Extending the life of Pur water filter

One of the most effective ways to extend the life of a Pur water filter is cleaning it every month. This is the easiest way to extend the lifespan for a couple of months.

In addition, there are some other things that you can do to extend the lifespan of the Pur water filter. These are:

1- Paying Attention to the Exterior of Filter

It is essential to clean the exterior of the Pur water filter very often or whenever you are cleaning your kitchen. You can take a cloth dipped in dish soap and water and then wipe down the outer surface of the filter housing.

2- Flushing Water Periodically

If you have a faucet Pur water filter, flushing down the water through filters will be easier. Make sure to run water through the filter at high pressure for at least 2 to 5 minutes. In this way, all contaminants will break off, and they will wash away.

You can do this once a week or after two weeks. And the deep Cleaning of your filter can be done after a month.

3- Don’t Run Hot water

It is essential to avoid hot water running through the filter. The reason is that these filters are not designed to work with warm temperatures, and hot water can cause harm to the cartridge of the filter.

Remember that these steps can only extend the lifespan of your water filter, but at some point, you will have to change the filter cartridge. If your water filter is working slowly and cleaning the filter is not solving this problem, a new filter cartridge or faucet is the only solution.

How to Unclog the Pur Pitcher Filter?

There is not much difference between unclogging a Pur faucet filter and a Pur pitcher filter. The steps to clean both types of filters are almost the same, with some minor differences. So if you have a Pur Pitcher filter, follow the steps mentioned below:

1- Removing the Pur Pitcher Filter

Remove the lid of the Pur pitcher filter to access its canister. You need to lift the filtration chamber where you fill the water to be filtered in the pitcher.

Hold the filtration chamber and grab the filter from its bottom section. To unlock the filter, twist it, push the canister up, and take it out of the compartment.

2- Cleaning the Filter

After you have successfully removed the filter, follow the steps mentioned above for cleaning a Pur Faucet filter. Remove all the dirt, debris, particles, and sediment from the filter.

You can do this with the help of a small brush that can easily clean all the dirt. After a thorough cleaning, keep the filter under running water. After that, soak it for a good ten minutes in water and vinegar solution.

Soaking the filter in water and vinegar solution is an additional step that further cleans the filter and removes any smell. Rinse it with water after 10 minutes, place it on the rack and let it dry.

3- Cleaning the Filter Chamber and Pitcher

Use a soapy solution that is a bit warm to wash the filter chamber. If the filter chamber is too dirty or has particle build-up, you may have to scrub it with a soft pad. Also, scrub the sides where the chamber of the bottom meets the sides.

You can also soak the pitcher and the filter chamber in water and vinegar solution to kill all the microorganisms. Rinse the pitcher and chamber for 1 minute and place them on the rack to dry.

4- Reassembling the Filter Pitcher

After you have cleaned all the parts, reassemble the Pur filter pitcher. For this, you need to insert the filter through the hole of the chamber. Twist it and keep it secured until it gets locked in its place.

Place the chamber in the pitcher and ensure that it is placed in the correct position. Lastly, put the lid on it. To check the improvement in the rate of filtration, fill water in the filtration chamber.

You may have to repeat this process 2 to 3 times to improve the filtration rate. Discard the water on each try.

Things you need to know to unclog a Pur Water Filter

There are a couple of things that you need to know before correctly unclogging a Pur water filter. Understanding these things will make your work easier.

1- Products used for Cleaning

You need some cleaning products when you are trying to unclog the Pur water filter. One of the essential products is a small-sized brush with soft bristles. This brush will be used to remove dirt, silt, dust, sediments, particles, and debris on the surface of the filter.

If your Pur water filter has a pleated membrane, it is recommended to use a narrow head brush. This type of brush will help in the effective cleaning of the filter.

Another important cleaning product that you will need is a cleaning solution. You can either get a commercial cleaning solution, or you can also make one at home. You can mix some drops of liquid soap in water and warm it.

The cleaning solution should be at room temperature so you can easily touch it. This cleaning solution will be used for cleaning the chamber, filter housing, faucet, and other components of the filer. However, you cannot use it to clean the filter membrane.

To disinfect the filter and its components, mix vinegar and water. This solution is best for disinfecting your filter because harsh solutions or chemicals can make your filter degrade faster.

You may also need a soft pad for scrubbing the sides of the filter if there is any particle build-up. In addition to that, you will need some bowls for making the solution and soaking the filter. If you are cleaning a Pur refrigerator filter, then you also need to have a screwdriver.

2- Manual of Filter Owner

The manual of the filter’s manufacturer is essential documentation that will help you understand many things about the filter you are using. This manual includes so many details, such as how you can troubleshoot your filter.

Moreover, it also tells about the slow filtration rate due to clogging. This model is specifically related to the design and model of the filter that you are using.

Another reason you need to have the filter owner’s manual is that it tells you how you can clean and remove debris from the filter. Moreover, it also tells you that how you can assemble and disassemble the filter.

How long can a Pur Water filter last?

On average, a Pur water filter can filter up to 100 gallons of water, which can last for up to 3 months. However, if your water contains a high amount of contaminants or higher water consumption, then the Pur water filter may not last till 3 months.

On the other hand, the Pur water filter can last even longer than 3 months if the water consumption is less than average. Some filters have a light indicator as well that will tell you when to change your filter.


We hope that you have already figured out the ways to unclog the Pur water filter. It is essential to regularly clean your Pur water filter because it will keep the filtration rate higher and increase the lifespan of your filter.

With proper cleaning and maintenance of the Pur water filter, you won’t have to change it very often, otherwise becoming very expensive.

Drinking fresh and high-quality water is very important for your health; therefore, you should know how to take care of the Pur water filter. We hope that our guidelines will assist you in the proper maintenance of the Pur water filter.

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