10 Best Reverse Osmosis Bottled Water Brands (2022)

Nowadays, most water bottle companies use Reverse osmosis to purify water. Using Reverse Osmosis is it removes all types of contaminants from water.

Although there are a lot of other filtration methods like sedimentation, distillation, active carbon filtration, chlorination and more, every purification method leaves some amount of impurities in water. That’s why most water bottle companies prefer to use reverse osmosis.

If you don’t have a water filter at home or use bottled water for regular drinking, RO water bottles are most recommended.

The Ro removes impurities, makes the water soft, and improves its taste.

In today’s article, we will discuss some famous brands of bottled water that are reverse osmosis and discuss where you can buy them.

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What Is Reverse Osmosis?

City water is full of contaminants and contains an excessive amount of minerals that affect the taste and your health. That’s why bottle companies use Reverse Osmosis to remove dissolved solutes. 

In reverse osmosis, water is passed through a semipermeable membrane, also referred to as RO membrane. This RO membrane has minute pores with 0.0001 microns size, allowing water molecules to pass through it and block other impurities. 

Along with reverse osmosis, water bottle companies use other filtration stages to improve water taste and make PH natural. As most of the valuable minerals are removed, companies also add them in water to make them healthier. 

The majority of Reverse Osmosis systems contains three essential filters; 

  • Sediment filter: This filter remove heavy particles like dust, dirt, and rust, etc
  • Carbon filter: Helps to reduce the VOCs, chlorine, and other contaminants that make water unhealthy
  • Semipermeable membrane: This membrane removes 98-99% of total dissolved solids.

Benefits Of Water Bottled That Use Reverse Osmosis

Before using reverse Osmosis water bottles, you should know their benefits and effects on your health. 

Well, I’m personally using RO for drinking and cooking. Last week I tested the RO water bottle and found that it only has 15-18ppm TDS which is acceptable. On the other hand, spring water bottles have 200 to 300ppm of TDS. 

So I think no other water purification can remove such an amount of TDS. There are several benefits that I have seen in Reverse Osmosis water bottles.  

  • It’s effective in removing all types of contaminants like calcium, mercury, lead, sodium, chloride, fluoride, sulfate, etc.
  • I have experienced that RO water improves the taste of my meals because of its soft nature as RO removes all impurities, so most people notice a tremendous change in food taste.
  • You have seen that the most expensive water filters can only purify water and don’t soften it. But reverse osmosis not only eliminates impurities but also softens water that will be good for your health.

Reverse Osmosis Bottled Water Brands

Before looking for bottled water brands that use the reverse osmosis method to purify water, it is essential to understand reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is one of the best methods for purifying water as it can remove all harmful contaminants.

Solute and solvent are two parts of any solution. The water is solvent, whereas all the contaminants that it contains are solute.

In reverse osmosis, a semi-permeable membrane is used for separating solute and solvent. There are delicate pores in this membrane that can measure 0.0001 microns. The small size of the pores only allows water to pass from them.

The contaminants are separated from water, and we get fresh and purified water. After purification, the water is filled into bottles.

10 Best Reverse Osmosis Bottled Water Brands 

Below mentioned are some of the best-bottled water brands using the reverse osmosis method. The water has a great test, and it is free from all contaminants, so it is not harmful to your health.

1- Perfect Hydration

ottled Water Brands Using Reverse Osmosis

It is one of the best-bottled water brands that you can use for drinking. Perfect Hydration bottled water goes through a filtration process that involves 9 different steps. In these filtration steps, almost every impurity is removed from water that you can imagine.

Reverse osmosis is also a part of this filtration process that removes even the most minor impurities from water. What is unique about this bottled water brand is the electrolytes that they put in water after filtration.

These electrolytes help you rehydrate after you have done a good workout. Moreover, there is no fluoride in this water. No harmful additives are added to the water. You also get a free BPA water bottle.

Where To Buy: You can purchase Perfect hydration bottles from Amazon. here

2- Propel Water

Another famous bottled water brand is Propel Water. This company has an excellent water treatment process. Different steps are involved in this process, such as Ozonation, filtration, and reverse osmosis, and addition of electrolytes.

During the process of Ozonation, ozone is infused in water. Infusion of ozone in water is excellent for the degradation of inorganic and organic pollutants. It is superior disinfection.

Electrolytes help in rehydration. Moreover, there are no sweeteners, sugar, colors, flavoring, or calories. The pH level of water is maintained at 6.9, which is almost neutral.

Propel water contains enough Vitamin B, B, and E, making it ideal for people conscious about their fitness. You can also get these bottles with a jet squeeze mouthpiece.

Where To Buy: You can get these water bottles from Amazon: here

3- Aquafina

Aquafina bottled water is almost available everywhere. This brand has a great taste in water, and it is cheap and effective as well. Aquafina is highly purified water free from every type of contaminants and is suitable for health.

Before the water is bottled, it goes through 7 different purification steps. These steps involve reverse osmosis and other methods of filtration. All these procedures are effective in removing chlorides, salts, bacteria, and other harmful substances.

This bottled water brand is widely available, and it is a good option, especially for those looking for some cheap option. It is specifically beneficial if you are getting it in bulk.

Where to buy: You can buy Aquafina bottles from their site.

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4- Nestle Pure Life

best water bottle brands

Nestle Pure Life, as we know, is one of the most popular and common bottled water brands. Many people trust this company for pure water and use it for drinking. Like other bottled water brands, Nestle Pure Life also uses the reverse osmosis method.

The company uses a strict process to ensure quality and purification, which involves 12 different steps. These involve carbon filtration, collection, reverse osmosis, RO demineralization, microfiltration, and remineralization.

Nestle Pure Life does not source water from springs; and instead, the company uses municipal water. This water then goes through a strict process to ensure that it tastes good. T

he price of water bottles is also reasonable, so it is both cheap and effective.

Where To Buy: Nestle pure life water bottles are available on Amazon: here

5- Nano Fit

Nano Fit

Keeping yourself hydrated is very important for health. So the water you drink should be fresh, purified, and beneficial for your health. Nano Fit bottles contain fresh water that is filtered and purified through reverse osmosis.

Nano Fit bottled water is primarily for athletes because it helps them recover and rehydrate. The 9.5 pH of level helps your body in absorbing water.

The company also claims that the water contains oxygen nanobubbles that are negatively charged—these negatively charged nanobubbles help build up lactic acid. Lactic acid helps in relieving sore muscles.

Where To Buy: Nano Fit water bottles are available on Amazon: here


LIFEWTR is a premium purified water brand. This is another excellent option for bottled water brands that use reverse osmosis for water filtration.

The bottles have also been designed very artistically, and the packaging is also great. Looking at the bottle, one assumes that the water has a great refreshing taste.

LIFEWTR not only purifies water but also adds electrolytes and minerals. These minerals and electrolytes in water ensure a pure taste, Hydration, and purified water.

Water pH is maintained between 6.4 to 7.4, which is nearly neutral. Another important thing about this brand is that the bottles are available in various sizes so you can choose according to your need. These bottles are also BPA-free.

Where to buy: Lifewtr can be purchased on Amazon: here

7- Core Hydration

Core Hydration

Core Hydration aims at promoting balance and Hydration in your body. The company also manufactures water bottles that are not only BPA-free but are 100% recyclable.

The water bottle size is 30.4 oz, and you can use this water bottle again and again. Core hydration uses a reverse osmosis process, so it can provide you with the purest water for drinking that is good for your health.

Every harmful chemical such as arsenic, chlorine, and chromium is avoided, and no preservatives are added to the water. It has a 7.4 pH level. Electrolytes and healthy minerals are added to the water after the filtration process, and these help in Hydration and balance.

Where to buy: You can buy Core hydration bottles from Amazon: here

8- Essentia

What is the healthiest water bottle brand?

The water bottles by this company are beautiful and designed very artistically. Essential bottled water is ionized, supercharged, packed with rehydrating properties, and is alkaline.

Essential bottled water uses the reverse osmosis process for the purification of water. Moreover, it does not source spring water. Instead, it uses municipal water. After cleansing, electrolytes are added to water that maintains homeostasis in the body.

The process of water filtration also involves the step of ionization. Moreover, the pH of water is maintained at 9.5 that making it alkaline. The alkaline pH maintains the taste of water.

Where To Buy: On Amazon: here

9- Boxed Water

Boxed water is another option that you can consider when it comes to bottled water brands that use reverse osmosis to purify water. There are no added minerals in boxed water. Boxed water is best for kids’ lunches and events as well.

The reason why this company uses boxes is that they want to reduce the use of plastic bottles. This is so that plastic waste can be reduced.

It’s a 16.9 oz box that you can toss after use. In this way, there will be no damage to the environment. Moreover, the box material is also 92% plant-based. The taste of water is also great.

Where to buy: From Amazon: here

10- Kirkland

Whenever someone says bottled water brand, Kirkland is the name that will immediately come to your mind. It is the standard bottled water, and the company uses a reverse osmosis process to purify water.

There are large packs of these bottled readily available in stores that you can easily be bought for regular use. Each Kirkland water bottle contains 8 oz of water. Moreover, after the purification process, additional minerals are added for rehydration purposes.

Where to get it: You can buy Kirkland water bottles from Amazon: here


Water is essential for the human body. Therefore, drinking enough water is necessary, and you should keep an eye on your water intake. The water you drink should not only taste great but should also be purified.

Several bottled water brands have been mentioned above. These brands use the reverse osmosis process for water purification to remove almost all the dissolved contaminants from water.

We hope that we have guided you thoroughly about bottled water brands that use reverse osmosis. It will be very significant if you choose one of these bottled water brands from our list. I hope you had a great time reading this article.

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