5 Best Reverse Osmosis Filter For Fridge

Today’s article will talk about some of the best reverse osmosis filters for the fridge.

Most people love reverse osmosis, and they also want to use RO filters in their fridges or ice makers. And luckily, there are a lot of reverse osmosis filters available in the market that can connect with fridges or ice makers.

Installing reverse osmosis in your fridge is just like killing two birds with one stone. RO filters remove impurities and make fridge water soft and improve its taste.

You can’t easily find the best RO filter for your fridge, as these filters are very rare. So for the ease of our reader, we have spent a lot of time researching and finding top RO filters for your fridge.

So let’s have a look!

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Best Reverse Osmosis Filter For Fridge / Ice Makers

1- Hydronix ICF

Hydronix ICF


  • Product Dimensions: ‎2 x 2 x 10 inches
  • Certification: NSF
  • Included Components: ICF-10 Filter
  • Filter Lifespan: 2000 gallons

You might have heard about the Hydronix ICF filter with insane filtration capabilities. This Ro filter is perfect for you, especially if you face different stomach disorders or digestive issues. 

Hydronix water filter is made with premium material that is BPA free. Inside the filter, there is an NSF certified coconut carbon shell which is the main part of the filter. The inside coconut filter can effectively remove chlorine and other impurities from water. 

Why I love this Reverse Osmosis Filter?

I like many things in the Hydronix ICF filter, but the best part is its taste improving capabilities.

 If you are using city water, your water has a bad taste that affects your stomach. But this reverse osmosis filter does a great job improving the taste of water. So you can use such water for cooking purposes, coffee, tea, etc. 

The second good thing that we have seen in Hydronix ICF filters is water flow rate; the premium quality coconut filter never blocks water and gives a balanced flow rate.

You don’t need to put much effort into maintaining this filter, and this filter can easily filter out 2,000 gallons of water.

  • Best for improving taste
  • Long-lasting
  • Not need much maintenance
  • Affordable
  • Need some advanced DIY skills to install

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2- Vegebe Inline Water Filter 

Vegebe Inline Water Filter 


  • Material: Granular activated carbon
  • Connections: 1/4″ Quick-connect
  • Max Flow: 0.75 GPM
  • Filter Capacity: 1800-2000 gallons
  • Lifespain: 6-12 months

A vegetable inline water filter is an advanced Reverse osmosis filter that you can use for your fridge. It comes with high efficient RO membrane that eliminates chlorine and improves the taste of water.

The premium quality membrane is made of coconut shell that has high iodine adsorption capacity. Vegetable inline water filters are tested under different conditions to achieve high performance; the filter is NSF certified and ensures high-quality water.

Secondly, coconut shell based GAC is also a more environmentally friendly type of carbon. The filter can filter up to 1500 – 1800 gallons of water depending upon the type of water, but this is still much better than similar products. 

You don’t have to maintain this system. After 8-12 months, you have to change the filter, which is a very easy task.

The Best Thing In Vegebe Inline Filter?

Compared to other fridge filter’s Vegebe filter is much easier to connect. It comes with a 1/4″ quick connect that allows you to install the filter in just seconds. 

Similarly, this Reverse osmosis filter is not only compatible with refrigerators or ice makers, but you can also use it with coffee makers and other Ro water systems. 

If you don’t have any technical skills, we recommend Vegebe inline water filter that requires no tools to install. 

  • Easy to install
  • Good quality coconut filter
  • Compatible with coffee makers, RO water systems, and ice makers
  • Difficult to install with copper water line

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  • Fitting type: Adapter fitting / 1/4″ compression and push-to-connect fittings
  • Capacity: 5000 gallons
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Certification: NSF

Here comes a long-lasting reverse osmosis filter for the fridge. Aquafresh is a well-known filters brand that offers high quality and stable filters. 

Under the hood, the Aquacrest water filter has a polyester membrane with minute pores and a 0.5-micron coconut shell. All these membranes passed NSF certification for effective performance.

 Apart from using this filter with fridge and ice makers, you can also use it with coffee makers, drinking water fountains, water coolers, sink faucets, campers, beverage equipment etc. 

The wide compatibility of this water filter is because of the easy to install design. It comes with 1/4″ compression and push-to-connect fittings; you can install a filter with just one twist. 

The best part of the Aquacrest filter?

This is one of the best reverse osmosis filters for the fridge because it gives more efficient performance than other brands. 

After testing, it is found that this filter can remove up to 98% of chlorine from water; that’s why it improves water taste. So if your city water is harder or contains an excessive amount of chlorine, this filter is most recommended.

 The second thing that we love most about the Aquacrest filter is its long-lasting performance. This filter can filter water for up to 5 years which is insane. Depending on water conditions, it easily filters out 4,500 to 5,000 gallons of water. 

  • Effective performance
  • High-quality filters
  • Ultra long-lasting, can filter 5000 gallons
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to install
  • Smaller than other filters

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4- Inline Water Filter Membrane Solutions


  • Capacity: 1800-2000 gallons or 6-months
  • Material: Shell carbon
  • Certifications: NSF 42
  • Compatibility: Universal

A very rare number of RO water filters have universal compatibility. Luckily, this inline water filter comes with standard size fittings connected with 95% fridges/ice makers. 

The coconut-based filter has high efficiency, and your TDS meter will always show normal values after testing the water. Membrane Solutions inlines filter uses Reverse osmosis to eliminate tons of impurities, especially chlorine that affects the taste of water.

With a filtration capacity of 1800-2000, you can use this filter for 6-8 months, depending upon the water quality. But it is still better than many other RO fridge filters.

Secondly, you hardly need maintenance in 6-8 months of lifespan, as this filter is made of premium and BPA free material.  

Its Universal Compatibility Makes It More Worthy?

The really good thing in Membrane Solutions water filter is universal compatibility. Because of its 10 x 2-inch of standard fitting, it can be connected to 95% of fridges and ice makers. Not just that easy installation is also a big plus point of this filter. 

This filter comes with disposable housing with built-in 1/4-inch quick connectors on both ends to install filters within seconds. 

  • Universal fittings
  • Easy to install
  • Effective TDS removing technology
  • Small in size that causes water overflow and leakage

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5- Waterdrop Inline Ice Maker and Refrigerator Filter

Waterdrop Inline Ice Maker


  • Certifications: NSF 42, NSF 372
  • Lifespan: 1,400 gallons
  • Material: BPA and Lead Free
  • Fittings: 1/4” compression and push-to-connect fittings

Among the famous water filter brands, Waterdrop lies on the list. This brand knows exactly how to implement reverse osmosis in their systems; that’s why their filtration and performance is outstanding. 

The filtration system is NSF certified to ensure high performance, and it can remove 98% of chlorine from water. It has a premium coconut filtration membrane with 0.5-micron accuracy, eliminating impurities like Flouride, Lead, Rust, Colloids, Arsenic, etc. 

Installation is pretty easy, you need a few DIY skills, but still, it demands some important tools. You will get a complete user manual in the package by following it; you can install the filter in less than 5 minutes. 

The filter lifespan is normal, which is 1,400 gallons per filter, and after that, you have to change the filter to get high-quality water. The less lifespan of the filter is because of the high performance of coconut membranes. This membrane has a very minute pore clogged with dust after a few months.

A Good Thing In This RO Filter ?

Very few filtration brands focus on leakage detection, but water drop offers PE tubes that prevent water leakage. Along with the filter, you will get a PE tube, and you have to insert this tube into the filter cartridge for 20mm. 

  • Leakage free design
  • High Efficiency
  • NSF certified components
  • Affordable 
  • Fewer lifespan than other filtration systems
  • Need some tools to install the filter

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Fridge Filter VS Reverse Osmosis Filter

Currently, two filtration methods are popular in the USA, including refrigerator water dispensers and reverse osmosis. Which one should you use to get pure water?

Most refrigerators come with carbon filters to eliminate contaminants from drinking water. These carbon filters can effectively remove chlorine from water, but these filters are not effective to eliminate all impurities.

If you have been using a carbon filter for a long time, then you might have noticed that this filter doesn’t remove heavy metals and TDS. 

On the other hand, reverse osmosis is a more powerful filtration process that removes chlorine and removes 99% of other contaminants. Most of the reverse osmosis system contains 4-5 stages of filtration that effectively improve the taste and quality of water. 

If your tap water is much harder and has bad taste, then it’s time to replace your fridge filter with a new reverse osmosis filter. 

Final Words

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, clean and pure water is very important. And with a reverse osmosis filter, it is not a difficult job to get clean water.

Based on our experience and testing, we have put the best reverse osmosis filters that you can use in your fridge or ice makers.

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