9 Best Water Pitchers To Remove Chlorine | Updated!!!

According to research, most people use Tap Water for drinking and cooking. But have you ever noticed that tap water contains a high amount of chlorine? So the question arises, is drinking chlorine water harmful?

Drinking chlorine water will not affect you immediately, but it can damage your health in the long run. Ingesting chlorine with your tap water can have numerous harmful effects on your health.

Moreover, it can also ruin the taste of your food due to its foul odor. So, keeping all the adverse effects of chlorine in mind, it’s highly recommended to remove it from your tap water.

For this process, a pitcher filter will help you a lot. Although finding the best water pitcher is not easy, don’t worry; we have reviewed the best pitchers for chlorine. Let’s get into it.

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Top 9 Best Water Pitcher To Remove Chlorine

We listed the top 9 best water pitcher filter that effectively removes the chlorine from your tap water and makes it perfect for drinking and cooking:

  • Brita Longlast Everyday Water Filter Pitcher
  • Long-Life Chubby Water Pitcher
  • Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher
  • Invigorated Alkaline Water Pitcher
  • All Prime Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
  • Brita Metro Water Filter Pitcher
  • Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
  • Nakii Aquaphor Elegant Water Filter Pitcher
  • Waterdrop 200-Gallons Pitcher

Brita Longlast Everyday Water Filter Pitcher

which is the best water pitcher to remove calcium

Brita pitchers are the leading brand in filtering and optimizing the water. Their quality water is well-known in the world.

Like all other Brita pitchers, this one is also the best water pitcher to remove chlorine and provides you with healthy and great-tasting water.

Pleated Filtration Technology

With the pleated filtration technology, this pitcher offers you 3x longer life than the ordinary pitcher. This pitcher effectively removes 99% of chlorine and provides you with tasty and crispy water.

Additionally, this pitcher also removes 99% of lead and is certified to remove mercury, asbestos, cadmium, benzene, etc. After removing all these contaminants, it provides you with healthy and safe water.

Long-Lasting Filters

This Brita pitcher comes with 1 long-lasting water filter, which must change after 6 months or every 120 gallons for better taste and better results.

Furthermore, this pitcher also has a filter indicator, knowing when a filter is changing. This feature makes this filter more convenient.

Is This Pitcher Effective For Chlorine?

Yes, this pitcher is certified to remove 99% of chlorine from your tap water and provides you with healthy, safe, and tasty water which you can use without any hesitation.

  • Easy-fill locking lid

  • Effectively removes chlorine

  • Easy to pour design

  • Filter change indicator

  • Requires maintenance

Best Water Filter Pitchers For Hard Water: Premium Quality

Long-Life Chubby Water Pitcher

water pitchers for chlorine removing

This Chubby water pitcher is also the best for chlorine. It offers an innovative design due to which can be placed in a refrigerator very quickly.

Another feature of its innovative design is its spout lid that prevents dust and other dust particles from getting into the pitcher.

Certified Filtration

With the NSF certification 42, this pitcher successfully removes the chlorine from your tap water and provides tasty water.

Additionally, this pitcher filter has been NSF 372 certified for its lead-free material. This water pitcher uses multi-stage filtration to remove the contaminants like lead, arsenic, fluoride, etc.

Exceptional Quality

This pitcher has high-quality BPA-free plastic, with a sturdy yet simple wooden handle that makes handling the pitcher easier. 

The premium water pitcher filter features natural activated carbon and highly efficient ACF from Japan to ensure optimal filter performance.

Before replacement, the high-quality filters produce over 200 gallons of water. Moreover, you can replace over 1600 standard 16-oz water bottles with one Water Drop Chubby pitcher.

It also has an intelligent indicator, so you can also visualize the use state of the filter element at any time by using the LED (light-emitting diode) display mode, which can sense when you pour the water.

This pitcher can filter the water with a flow rate of 0.5 GPM. For better quality of water, replace the filter after every 4-6 months.

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

This large pitcher filter is highly convenient and can be placed in the doors of your refrigerator easily. Also, this pitcher comes with the easy to pour and refill feature, which makes it more convenient.

This pitcher will provide your family with healthy water for years, and it will add more taste to your meals.

Filtration Capability

This pitcher is best for chlorine with the chlorine water filter because it is tested and designed to remove chlorine. Furthermore, it also has a fluoride water filter which contains the carbon block water filter. This filter helps to remove fluoride.

Moreover, its solid carbon block filter removes more than 2000% of contaminants than the other pitchers. These contaminants include Chromium 6, chloramines, etc.

LED Timer

This Pure pitcher also has an LED timer. This timer automatically counts down from 90 days and is integrated into the lid. This timer reminds you when it is time to replace the filter.

With a filtration capacity of 150 gallons of fresh and healthy water, this pitcher lasts 4 times longer than the leading water pitcher.

Also, it is rigorously tested against the NSF/ANSI standards. Additionally it is 100% BPA free, 100% recyclable, 100% Vegan and 0% pretentious.

  • NSF certified
  • 100% BPA free
  • Removes 99% chlorine
  • LED timer
  • Does not effectively remove parasitic cysts.

Invigorated Alkaline Water Pitcher

best water filter pitcher for calcium

This pitcher is best for high alkaline water with a high amount of chlorine. It is made of 100% BPA-free high quality, and supreme plastic.

With the unique PH001 filter, this pitcher offers you a multi-stage filtration that filters out harmful substances, including chlorine, and lets the vital minerals through.

Modern And Convenient Design

With the built-in modern anti-slip design, the jug of this pitcher is reliable, safe, and very easy to use. Having an innovative and easy-grip handle, this pitcher offers you easy handling.

Its sleek shape makes it ideal for almost every occasion like family dinner, outdoor party, or a social gathering. You have to fill the pitcher with water and enjoy the tasty, healthy, safe, and chlorine-free water.

Huge Filter Capacity

With the high filter capacity, this pitcher filter can filter up to 3.5 litres of water, making it ideal for larger families. Even due to its convenient design, you can also take this pitcher to your office, etc.

With its PH001 filter, up to 1500 cups of water can be purified over its lifetime, ensuring a long-lasting filter life.


For some, the taste may also be different, making it difficult to adjust. Besides having a high pH level, our filtered water contains minerals and trace elements as well.

  • Removes high amount of chlorine
  • Convenient and modern design
  • Huge filter capacity
  • Certified
  • Lacks precise fittings.

Best Water Filters To Remove Calcium

All Prime Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

pitcher for chlorine water

This pitcher is also one of the best pitchers that effectively remove chlorine from your tap water. With its filtration technology, it removes chlorine, lead, copper, and other contaminants, etc.

Moreover, another fantastic feature of this pitcher is that it removes large contaminants from your tap water that most pitchers don’t remove.

Increases The Alkalinity Of Tap Water

All prime pitcher filters can increase the pH of your water to 10. Additionally, this pitcher also comes with the testing kit, which includes the testing strips. 

These testing strips make you confident to check the pH of your filtered water. Also, with the ion exchange resin, this pitcher balances calcium and magnesium in your tap water.

Filtration Technology

This pitcher removes chlorine, lead, and other contaminants with the activated carbon filter and provides you with the best, tasty and healthy water.

Moreover, its filtration includes the Far-Infrared Ceramic Balls, which help in adding 20 essential minerals. These ceramic balls also activate your water for better body absorption.

Its filtration also includes the alkaline mineral balls, which work as a water electrolyzer and help in increasing the taste in your water.

This filter is 100% BPA-free and is 100% safe for children and babies. Also, it has high-strength alkaline filters, which help you to ensure the proper filtration.

  • 100% BPA free
  • Lower the ORP level of your water
  • Safe for children and babies
  • Increases the alkalinity of water
  • Only ideal for smaller families

Brita Metro Water Filter Pitcher

Brita Metro Water Filter Pitcher for chlorine removing

This is probably the all-time best filter pitcher from every aspect. It is a minor water pitcher that is made from high-quality plastic. This pitcher makes pouring and refilling very easy.

With its space-efficient design, this pitcher takes tiny space and fits perfectly on the refrigerator shelves very easily. It is the best option for families as it provides tasty, healthy, and safe water.

Filtration Capacity

There is no doubt in the filtration of Brita pitchers. With its advanced filtration technology, this pitcher is more effective towards the lead and removes 99% of the lead. Like all Brita pitchers, it also has a 100% free BPA design.

Moreover, it also successively removed the other contaminants like chlorine which is the leading cause of the bad taste and odor of the water.

Also, it removes other contaminants like lead, mercury, asbestos, rust, dirt, etc. It does not remove the essential elements which are necessary for the body.

Electronic Filter Indicator

This pitcher comes with a capacity of 6 cups. With its locking lid feature, this pitcher ensures that no disruption is made during water filling.

Furthermore, this pitcher is also very convenient because it comes with the feature of the Filter change indicator, which will remind you when the filter needs to be replaced.

  • BPA free
  • Electronic filter indicator
  • Locking lid
  • Space-efficient design
  • Removes every metal except TDS (total dissolved solids) 

Best Water Filters For Salty Water

Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

If you are looking for a powerful pitcher for chlorine, this one is the best for you because this pitcher comes with two extra high-quality filters.

These filters are effortless to install and provide you with the ultimate hygienic and clean water. This pitcher also provides you with a large capacity of 10 cups. You can also carry this pitcher with you anywhere.

Amazing Filtration Functions

This pitcher has a powerful seven-layer alkaline filtration technology, which makes the water alkaline. If you want increased pH water, then this pitcher will also do this for you. It increases the pH value from 0.5 to 2 or more.

Moreover, this pitcher will also remove the contaminants like fluoride, lead, dirt, chlorine, etc., from your water. It also removes the other harmful metals from your tap water.

Simple And Elegant Design

This pitcher has an oval outline which is elegant and straightforward. Due to its space-saving design, it can fit into the door or shelving of the fridges.

Also, its ergonomic handle makes it easy for you to assemble or disassemble it. It is probably the best water pitcher that provides smooth, unclogged water flow.

After filtration, it raises the pH value to 8-10. It also provides you health and satisfaction because it is 100% tested and is an ideal choice as a gift to your near and dear.

  • Economical and environmental protective
  • Easy fit design
  • Perfect for huge chlorine
  • Powerful filtration technology
  • Requires maintenance

Nakii Aquaphor Elegant Water Filter Pitcher

The Aquaphor water pitcher is also among the best pitchers for chlorine due to its elegance and greater efficiency. If you are looking for a long-lasting pitcher, then this one is best for you.

This pitcher purifies longer and removes more contaminants because of its excellent efficiency. Also, this pitcher will give you an aesthetic design that makes it more attractive.

Unique Technology For Chlorine Removal

Its filter comes with ion-exchange resin, Extra-fine activated coconut charcoal, and AQUALEN. With the help of these, it effectively removes chlorine.

Moreover, this pitcher also provides the best drinking water by removing other contaminants like copper, iron, mercury, lead, phenols, pesticides, and other harmful substances.

This pitcher contains the A5 filter, which is one of the highest filtration certificates by NSF. 

17 Cups Higher Capacity

If your family members are more excellent in number, this pitcher is perfect for you. Because of its high filtration capacity, this pitcher filters the 17 cups for you.

Furthermore, this pitcher provides outstanding quality because its design ensures you the best and high-quality experience—also, it’s made from 100% free BPA plastic.

This pitcher also comes with the filter change indicator, which quantifies the actual use of the filter without the battery. 

It clicks upward when you fill the jug each time.

  • Has the patented AQUALEN technology
  • Remarkable performance
  • Outstanding quality
  • Filter change indicator
  • Replacement filters are a bit expensive.

Waterdrop 200-Gallons Pitcher

This small-capacity pitcher is best for small families because it can filter the 5-cups, and due to its smaller size, it can be easy for you to carry it.

It can filter out impurities, especially chlorine, very effectively. With its colorful design, this pitcher is best for the use of offices and dormitories.

Effective Filtration

This pitcher uses multi-stage filtration technology, which eliminates as many impurities and contaminants as possible.

It can also reduce the heavy metals from your water, such as arsenic and lead. Also, it removes fluoride and chlorine and provides you with tasty water.

Gravity Induction Indicator

This pitcher also comes with the gravity induction indicator, knowing when to change the filter. Additionally, it also checks on the use status of the filter when you pour the water.

Furthermore, this pitcher has exceptional quality because this pitcher is made of high-quality BPA-free plastic and comes with an ergonomic handle that makes pouring and handling easy for you.

The pitcher uses Japanese ACF and silver-loaded activated carbon so that you can enjoy healthy water.

  • Effective filtration
  • Gravity induction indicator
  • Dedication filtration performance
  • BPA free plastic
  • Only suitable for small families

What To Consider Before Buying The Pitchers For Chlorine

No matter, all the water pitchers that we reviewed above are best. But to get the perfect pitcher for chlorine, you must consider the following factors:

1. Filtration Technology

Filtration of the pitcher is the main factor you must consider before buying any pitcher because this is why you will buy it.

Remember, you should buy that pitcher with advanced filtration technology because that filter will remove the contaminants more effectively.

2. Must Remove The Chlorine Effectively

It is also the foremost reason that you must consider before buying the pitcher. Your priority will be that pitcher, which removes the high amount of chlorine.

You can also buy that filter which removes the small amount of chlorine effectively.

3. Capacity

This factor depends upon your needs. You should consider the capacity of the pitcher according to your family size.

The high-capacity pitcher will be perfect for the large family and vice versa. So it’s essential to keep the capacity and size of your family in mind.

4. Design

The design also plays an essential role in the perfect pitcher. An ideal pitcher always has an easy handling and easy pour design.

A convenient pitcher will make it easy for you to handle it, and you can also carry that pitcher anywhere with you.

5. No Leakage

It is one of the principal factors that you should consider before buying a water pitcher. Remember, a leakage-free design is crucial for the perfect pitcher.

So, always buy that pitcher that is made from high-quality material and does not leak. That’s why a leakage-free design makes a pitcher perfect.


In this article, we have reviewed the top 9 best water pitcher which removes chlorine effectively. Hopefully, now you will be able to pick the best water pitcher for you.

Although all the pitchers we reviewed are the best, but you should consider the above factors (buying guide) to get the perfect one.

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