9 Best Whole House Water Filters For City Water: Top Quality

If you are using community water, then it may be safe and drinkable. But the majority of the city water is not drinkable. City water contains excessive amounts of chlorine, zinc, copper, arsenic and other industrial pollutants that may harm your health 😐 .

A water filter is crucial for cities’ water. It’s best practice to use the whole house water filter system to keep the water clean throughout your entire home. 

City water may be hard, and you know that hard water can damage your hair, skin, and clothes. So we recommend you buy a multi-functional water system that can soften the water plus remove bacteria from it. 

To help our readers 🙂 , we have collected the 9 best whole house water filters for city water that makes your water clean and drinkable.

Our Recommendations

Best Whole House Water Filter For City Water

Aquasana EQ-1000-AST 

best water filter for city water

Not only soft water is essential for drinking, but it must also be clean and free from contaminants. If you want ultra-clean and pure water throughout your whole house, then Aquasana EQ-1000-AST is the best filter system. 

We strongly recommend this system to people who want low maintenance 😉 . This whole house water filter system is adequate for city water as well water.

Thanks to its 100 years of warranty time, that boost the confidence of customers and build trust. 

Why It’s the Best Water Filter For City Water?

You might think, why should I buy this system? Is it the best water filter for city water? Yes, this system is the perfect choice to treat city water because it has a reverse osmosis system that removes 99% of bacteria and micro-level germs. 

After different experiments, it has been noticed that Aquasana whole house water filters can remove 97% of chlorine which is a big plus. It can effectively remove heavy metals, zinc, rust, organic chemicals, VOCs, and other industrial solvents from city water.

A salt-free conditioner and carbon filter maximize the filtration performance. The system is capable of removing odor from water and making it soft. Its advanced SCM salt-free technology will naturally remove scale buildup on internal pipes; that’s why it can last for a longer time.

  • 10 years of warranty
  • Best for removing chlorine
  • Remove micro-level bacteria
  • Low maintenance
  • Expensive

Best Whole House Water Filters For Well Water

3M Aqua-Pure Whole House

best whole house water filter for city water

This is a budget-friendly whole house water filter system that gives you 100,000 gallon capacity with a 10 GPM flow rate. The 3M Aqua-Pure water filter system comes with a minimalist design to easily install this system.

The good thing that touches the heart is its quality; the 304 stainless steel head and corrosion-resistant material give it extra durability and a long lifespan. It consists of three main parts

  • Sanitary Quick Change: Premium filter cartridge with steelhead.
  • Filter Cartridge: The central part of the system which provides effective Filtration
  • 304 stainless steel head: Made from high-quality corrosion-resistant material for piping connection.

You don’t need much maintenance with this water filter system except replacing the filtration cartridge. 

Best Whole House Water Filter For City Water

Because of its dual nature, I have added this system to the list. The 3m Aqua-Pure systems can soften the water plus remove contaminants from it. The system has three different filter cartridges that remove the particulate up to 5 microns.

The additional carbon block filter removes all the dirt and significantly reduces chlorine. It improves the taste of water and removes odor from it. 

  • NSF certified
  • Best for removing chlorine
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install and maintenance
  • Not much effective for well water
  • A sediment pre-filter is recommended to install to avoid clogging with dirt. 

APEC Water System

which is best water filter for city water

The advanced technology and robust performance brought the APEC brand to extreme heights of fame. I’m sure you are aware of APEC water filter systems. It’s a trusted brand that offers high-quality revolutionary systems. 

APEC whole house water filter system is designed in the USA using the finest components. The durable components increase their lifespan—According to APEC, this system can last up to 20 years which is insane.

This APEC whole house water filter is a perfect option for city water because of its advanced performance. The premium catalytic coconut carbon filter removes chlorine from water 😎 .

These systems use 2-stage filtration technology to decrease the hardness level and remove chlorine, odor, VOCs, harmful organic material, and other industrial chemicals.

Thanks to its auto-self cleaning technology that reduces the efforts for maintenance. APEC whole house system comes with an electronic programmable control valve that allows auto backwash and increases system performance.


  • Catalytic carbon filter
  • Capacity: 600,000 – 1,000,000 depending upon the nature of water.
  • Auto self-cleaning backwashing feature
  • Natural scale reduction and prevention
  • Futura-10 technology
  • The excellent news is APEC water filter systems give you 1- the year of warranty time, plus lifetime expert support.
  • 10 years of warranty
  • Self-cleaning technology
  • Excellent capacity
  • Better performance
  • Expensive

Best Water Filters To Remove Calcium

Waterdrop RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

Here comes the advanced RO water filter system. It’s not a whole house system. The Waterdrop RO system comes with a No-tank design that saves space in your kitchen. 

Thanks to its 1:1 low drain ratio that saves water waste by 300% compared to traditional water systems. You can filter up to 8.5 gallons in a day which is enough for your family, cooking, drinking etc. 

The built-in booster pump provides stable and optimum pressure for the speed RO process. It can fill a standard glass with clean water in just 12 seconds. In the package, you will get a lead-free faucet that is made of pure brass. On the tap, there is LED light indicators that turn on when you use the faucet.

How Is Water Drop RO System Best For City Water?

This system is tested several times, and each time it gives 99% results. Its advanced reverse osmosis technology and 0.0001μm filtration accuracy provide outstanding performance.

It can remove chlorine from water, fluoride, TDS, limescale, heavy metals and other pollutants found in city water. The system provides 7 stages of water purification that makes your tap water ultra clean. 

Further, it provides pre sediment and 2 carbon block filters that help remove large particles, dust, rust, salt, and other chemicals from water. Because of its multiple filtration components, you can use this system for filtering any water

  • Tankless design save space
  • Built-in booster to speed up Filtration
  • 7-Stage water filtration
  • Free faucet
  • You have to wait to fill larger jugs
  • Expensive than standard RO filter systems

AO Smith Whole House Water Filter System

how to remove impurities from city water

AO Smith Whole House Water Filter is a perfect choice to remove chlorine and kill odor from city water. This system is affordable compared to competing systems in the market. 

With 600,000 gallons filtering capacity, this system can last for 6-years. The NSF certified designs and filters ensure high performance and require deficient maintenance. 

With its DIY design, you can easily install this filter in just 4 steps 😀 . 

  1. Pick an appropriate installation location
  2. Flush filter using a garden hose until the water runs free of cloudiness
  3. Now install shut-off valve and measure distance for filter head
  4. Cut pipe along marks and connect the filter to the waterline.

Good For City Water

Most of the city’s water is hard and contains high concentrations of chlorine. AO Smith water filter system is specifically designed for hard waters. It can soften water, which will directly impact your skin, hair, and health. 

There is a high quality activated carbon filter in the system that removes all types of harmful chemicals VOCs. All the harmful particles are trapped in the carbon pores, and this activated carbon is also effective for air filtration.

  • Effective filtration system for removing chlorine
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • High-quality material
  • Not practical for removing micro bacteria, and TDS

Best Water Filters Under $100

iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System 

iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System 

iSpring is a market winning water filter brand offering premium quality systems. It is the perfect water filter for city water as it can remove micro-level bacteria and germs. 

The premium quality activated carbon filter can filter up to 100,000 gallons of water which is insane. The filters are correctly tested by an independent third-party to meet NSF/ANSI standards. 

It’s too easy to install the iSpring water filter system. You can use manuals and watch videos for installation. 

How 3-Stage Filtration Works

  • Water is passed through sediment filters that remove suspended particles like dust, dirt, sand, clay, and other large impurities in the first stage.
  • In the second stage, the carbon block filter performs actual Filtration, and it filters out all the small and micro-level contaminants to ensure clean water. 
  • In the last stage, it improves the taste of water and eliminates odor from it. Chlorination also takes place in this step.

Best Performance Water Filter For City Water

Performance-wise I love this filter because it can remove 95% of contaminants from water, including; chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, rust, sediments and other industrial chemicals.

Further, the advanced polypropylene sediment filter can achieve Filtration down to 5 microns. The activated carbon filter is also made from high-quality coconut shells that give maximum performance.

If your city water is hard, we strongly recommend using a water softener with an iSpring water filter. As hard water can reduce the lifespan of filter cartridges, it’s good to use a softener with it.

  • High performance
  • Excellent flow rate
  • Remove TDS
  • Easy to install
  • Hard water can immediately damage a filter, so you need to install a water softener with it.

Express Water Whole House Water Filter

best whole house water filter for city water

Here comes another 3-stage water filtration system that offers effective Filtration. Like previous models, the Express water filter uses a series of filter cartridges to eliminate contaminants and make water ultra clean. 

A good thing about this water filter is its fast flow rate, and it can supply up to 0.25 gallons per second. Express whole house water filters can be used up to 100,000 gallons of water, and you need to change its filter after every 6 months for effective Filtration.

To monitor your system performance, you can use pressure gauges, which helps you know the current status of the filter and tells you when you replace the filters.

Why Do We Like Its Filtration Performance?

If your water is full of impurities and pollutants, then an Express water filter is the best option for you. Because of its 3-stage advanced Filtration, it can remove 52 different impurities like; chlorine, rust, VOCs, and others.

Express water filter works like the previous iSpring water filter. First of all, it removes sediment down to five microns. The second filter eliminates chemicals, micro contaminants, chlorine, pesticides, industrial solvents, and more. And lastly, the carbon block is used to remove the remaining impurities and improve the taste.

Note: Although Express whole house water filters can make your water soft, but we recommend to use a water softener with it to increase the lifespan of filters.

  • NSF/ANSI certified filters
  • Easy twist-off filter changes
  • Fast water flow rate
  • BPA-free and recyclable
  • Not remove TDS
  • Need some technical skills to install the system

Home Master Whole House Water Filter System

Home Master Whole House Water Filter System

The Home Master water filter system is best for city water and well water. It has efficient and stable performance that removes up to 95 per cent of sediments, pollutants, chemicals, and other harmful contaminants. 

It can filter contaminants down to 1 micron. Generally, in the majority of Home Master filters, four different types of filter cartridges remove pollutants.

  • First Stage: During the first stage, water passes from Multi-gradient depth Polypropylene sediment, consisting of 4 layers. It effectively removes bacteria, chemicals, dust and other big impurities.
  • 2nd Stage: Then comes the Radial flow iron reduction filter that removes iron and rust from the water up to 3ppm.
  • 3rd Stage: This is an important stage in which activated carbon works and removes chemicals, chlorine’s odor and improves taste.
  • Fourth Stage: In the last stage, water passes from Activated catalytic carbon with KDF85 that removes chlorine, chloramine, and other heavy organic metals like lead, zinc, mercury etc.

Home Master’s whole house water filter provides excellent water flow that helps you fill 15 gallons in a minute. Oversize filters not only improve flow rate but are also easy to maintain

We strongly recommend this water filter if you are facing unnecessary contaminants problems in water. City water, if not filter, contains many chemicals and waste materials that affect your health. But using Home Master Whole house filters remove these impurities and provide you ultra-clean water.

  • Efficient filter cartridges
  • Fast water flow
  • 4 layers of sediment filtration
  • Long-lasting
  • You have to install an extra softener with this system
  • Filter replacement is not cheap

BIONICS 110W Whole House Water Filter

BIONICS 110W Whole House Water Filter

Here comes the last whole house water filter of the list that you can use for city water. Bionics is a well-known filter brand that makes its reputation by offering high-performance filtration systems. 

The latest Bluonics 110W UV water system can remove 99% of impurities from water. The advanced Ultraviolet Sterilizer technology is best for both residential and commercial water purification.

When it comes to quality, Bluonics can beat its leading competitor filters in the market. It comes with heavy-duty filter housings with 1″ US standard NPT Brass Inlet and 304 stainless steel UV sterilizer lamp.

Powerful Filtration

Bluenics, a water filter system, produce excellent results. That’s why it’s best selling water filter. The procedure removes 99% of impurities from water like chlorine, sediment, rust, odor, herbicides, industrial solvents, VOCs, and other harmful contaminants. 

I strongly recommend this water filter if your water smells or tastes bad. We have seen a lot of reviews of this system in which people give positive feedback on its taste improvement. 

Just like other whole house water filters, Bionics also has 3 filtration stages. 

The first stage is used to remove heavy particles like dust, dirt, sand etc. Chlorine, bad taste, odor, and other chemicals are released in the second stage. And in the last stage, water is passed through UV Sterilizing process.

  • UV Sterilizer
  • Remove 99% of impurities
  • 3 Stage filtration
  • Expensive

Best Water Filters For LimeScale

How To Buy Best Whole House Water Filter For City Water 🙂 

City water includes a lot of impurities like dust, dirt, harmful chemicals, radiological contaminants, VOCs, and more. To remove all these pollutants, you have to buy the best water filter system. Not all water filters have the same performance, so it’s necessary to consider a few things before buying a water filter for city water.

Whole House Water Filter

City water is used for bathing, cleaning purposes, washing, bathrooms, cooking, and drinking. So you don’t just focus on your drinking. A whole house water filter is the best way to supply clean water throught your entire home.

That’s why we always recommend selecting a whole house filtration system. Especially if you face a hard water problem, you must pick whole-house techniques.

Sediment Filter

City water contains a lot of dust and dirt particles, so it’s essential to use a system with a sediment filter. This filter removes all types of dust particles and other large impurities. 

Sediment filters also increase the life of Carbon filters because carbon filters get easily damaged with large impurities. So firstly, the sediment filter removes large impurities and allows the water to pass through the carbon filter.

Flow Rate

Another crucial factor to consider is the flow rate, and a fast flow rate allows you to fill your cups quickly. Generally, the flow rate is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). We recommend you buy a whole house water filter system with a flow rate above 15 GPM. 


If you don’t want to maintain your filters, you need to buy a high-quality water filter system. Make sure that filters are NSF certified and have a large lifespan. 

Final Words

The only way to reduce impurities from city water is to use the best whole house water filter. Using city water without Filtration is dangerous for your health and causes various disorders. 

If you have bad city water or hard water, it’s time to invest in a solution. Above mentioned water filters are best for city waters. We have spent a lot of time researching so you can buy any filter from our list with confidence. It will also help us to make some affiliate commissions. 

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