Why Is My PUR Water Filter Blinking Red After A Filter Change?

Your PUR Water Filter Blinking red because some dirt particles are trapped in it.

Not all the water is the same, so hard water contains many dust and dirt particles that may be trapped in the filter.

But most of the time, when you complete filtering 100 gallons of water, your PUR water filter blinking red. But there is nothing to worry about in this guide. Depending on your issue, we will discuss a few fixes if you need to change the filter or rest the filter.

Why PUR Water Filter Blinking After Filter Change?

PUR Water Filter Blinking Red After Filter Change

Now, first of all, find the root cause, why your PUR water filter is blinking after changing the filter. 

There may be a lot of reasons behind this, but three primary reasons are:

Reason 1: Your filter has filtered over 100 gallons of water. That is why a lot of dust particles get entangled in the filter. In such cases, red light blinks indicate that your filter will no longer work properly. 

A quick fix for this issue is to change the filter as soon as possible, making your PUR filter work normally.

Reason 2: The second reason is a faulty electrical circuit. In most machines, when the internal circuit breaks, it gives a red light indicator. Similarly, if the electric circuit is damaged in the PUR water filter, it will be blinking red.

In such cases, you need to hire an expert to fix the filter. If you know some technical work, you can do it yourself.

Reason 3: Last reason is that your filter is not resetting. You must rest the filter to make it functional, and it’s very easy to reset the filter. 

Working Of Lights On PUR Water Filter

Most of the time, people are aware of lights’ working, but if you don’t know, you must understand it first before taking some action.

Generally, In Pur water filters, there are three kinds of light indications; Red, Yellow, and Green. Or, in some filters, the yellow color is replaced by orange.

Green Indicator

Green is the sign of peace, so if you see a green light on your pur water filter, that means it’s working correctly. 

This indicator shows that your filter is filtering harmful dirt particles, chlorine, and lead etc. Means your family is drinking clean water

You don’t need to take any action when your filter shows a green indicator.

Yellow Indicator

The yellow color indicates that you will soon require to change the filter. After this indicator, your filter will only filter a few water gallons. Mostly this indicator shows when you filter at least 70+ gallons.

It’s good for you to change the filter immediately before the indicator light goes to red.

Red Light

And lastly, the red light indicates danger, as you already saw in the above article. Showing your filter is already filtered by 100 gallons. 

But still, I have seen most of the people using the filter after it blinking red. In such scenarios, the water will filter out with foul taste or bad smell, which can cause severe disorders.

After seeing the red indicator, you must take some action to fix this issue.

Why My PUR Water Filter Light Is Not Working

Quick Fixes For Blinking Of Red Light In PUR Water Filter

There are several reasons behind the red light indicator which we have mentioned above. If you need to rest the PUR water filter, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to rest the filter.

But first, find out which water filter you are using; Vertical or Horizontal. Resetting is different for both.

Vertical Filter Mounts:

  • Firstly take out the faucet filter and fix it back into the system
  • Now to rest, press the reset button manually inside the canister

Horizontal Filter Mounts:

  • Take out the filter
  • Clan the system and cap using a dry towel
  • Now fix the filter back into the system

In a few models of the Faucet Filtration system, you must press and hold the reset button for 5-10 seconds. Or you have to press the buttons 4-5 times until it pops up.

Resetting Brita Filter

  • Press the status button and hold it down for 2 seconds, and then release. 
  • All lights will blink simultaneously twice, and the green light will blink three times. 
  • You can check the health of your filter by pressing the Status button for 1 second and releasing it. 

Filter Light Is Not Working Properly

Sometimes you may have face notice that your filter indicators are not working correctly. Or, in most of the case light is not turning solid green. 

However, this issue shows no error, and you can drink filtered water. And just like a standard scenario, this half green light will turn to red after you have filtered 100 gallons. But the question is how to fix the situation when light is not turning solid green.

So firstly, clean the filter, take the filter out and use a dental water pick to clean it. For more persevering cases, you can use a cleaning agent. 

After cleaning the filter, place it back into the system and rest the light indicators.

Where is the Reset Button On PUR Water Filter?

We have told you how to rest the PUR water filter by simply pressing the reset button. But in case you don’t know where it is, you will find the regulator inside the system chamber on the side wards where you put water. The button is 1/2 inch, and you have to push it to reset.

Does Filter Light Indicators Depend On Filter Performance?

Most people think that light indicators depend on filter performance, which is not true. The filter light only shows the current status of the filter; it doesn’t impact its performance. 

In case if your light indicator is not working, then what will you do? Would you throughout the whole system? The indicator only helps you to know when to replace the filter.

But you can also change the filter by observing the taste of water. If your water tastes bad, it means that it’s time to change the filter because it doesn’t work properly. 

Similarly, less water flow is also the symbol to change the water filter. When you see slow water flow, it means that the filter is now overloaded with dirt particles that block water flow. 

How Does The PUR Water Filter Light Work?

Final Words

Your PUR water filter will blink red once you have filter 100 gallons. Now it asks you to change the filter because many dirt particles are trapped in the filter. You have to change the filter, clean the system and rest the filter so that it can turn green again and provide you with pure and filtered water.

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