Why PUR Water Filter Light Not Working? Solved!!!

A PUR water filter has a great light that indicates when the filter needs replacement or changing. Even though they all have unique configurations, they function similarly. 

But how will you handle a problem with your PUR water filter light?

PUR water filter lights can stop working after 1-3 years due to a non-replaceable battery. Several reasons may cause the filter light to not work correctly, including dirty filters, a stuck reset button, or improper filter cartridge installation.

Below you’ll find information about PUR water filter lights, including possible solutions to the problem and frequently asked questions. 

The meaning of the red, yellow, or green filter lights will also be explained and why having an active water filter is vital.

What Is A PUR Water Filter Light?

What Is A PUR Water Filter Light?

The PUR water filter light is designed to find the current status of a filter. It tracks the filtration process and the number of gallons filtered. 

This will help you to know when to change the filter. Further, it also tells about any problem with the system so that you can easily take any measure before any damage.

Why PUR Water Filter Light Not Working?

PUR water filter lights not working could be caused by several factors. The following are some possibilities: 

  • Batteries that cannot be replaced have run out. 
  • If your filter blinks or flashes red, you need to replace it.
  • There might be dirt in the filter housing if the filter blinks/flashes red following the installation of a new filter. 
  • There is a problem with the reset button.

What Kinds Of PUR Systems Have A Filter Light?

A PUR water filter light comes with many of the newest filter models. These includes:

  1.  Faucet System
  2.  Pitcher
  3.  Dispenser

How To Reset The PUR Water Filter Light?

How To Reset The PUR Water Filter Light

For Faucet Systems

To reset your faucet system PUR water filter light, follow these steps:

  • Turn off your faucet. 
  • Remove the PUR Filter by unscrewing the cover from your PUR unit.
  •  Put a new filter back in – it’s normal for the filter to fit loosely – and screw the cover back on.
  • To reset, hold the reset button in for 3 seconds until all three lights flash, then release.
  • Make sure when you are holding the reset button in, it doesn’t become stuck. If it does, gently pull up on the button, and it should spring back into place.

Please turn on your faucet again. Check that the filter light is flashing green when the filter lever is on. Contact PUR for assistance if you still have a red PUR Filter Light after installing a new filter.

For Pitchers And Dispensers

If you have a pitchers and dispensers PUR filter, then follow these steps to reset:

  • After replacing a new filter, press and hold the reset button at the top of the pitcher or the dispenser’s front for 5 seconds. 
  • The light will then flash green.

What To Do When The Light Doesn’t Reset?

PUR units may not reset if the filter screen is clogged with dirt in some cases. Due to this, your filter is deemed to be unable to function. 

Rinse the filter housing thoroughly first to remove any stuck debris. After it has dried, assemble the entire system, then press the reset button for three seconds (for PUR faucets) or five seconds (for PUR pitchers or dispensers). When the light turns green, the signal should be active.

How Does The Filter Change Light Work?

The Filter Change Light lets you know when it’s time to replace your filter by detecting how long the filter has been in your pitcher. Make sure you reset your filter change light each time you replace a filter. 

The color changes depending on how long the filter has operated or how much water it has filtered. After 40+ gallons or 60+ days, the filter will have reached its end of life.

Non-replaceable battery power this light, and the filter will remain functional, although it may eventually stop working.

Green Light

Your water filter is working correctly if the indicator is green. You need not worry about drinking the water that passes through your filter.

After replacing the old filter, the light should also turn green. There is no problem if the green light blinks sometimes. When you turn on your filter, the green light should flash six times.

Although the green light will blink more than once during the initial stages of use, it will also blink at other times. The green light will turn on when the filter is working correctly, and it will automatically turn off to save energy.

Yellow Light

You might notice your filter light is blinking or turning yellow if:

  • It may not have enough suction to work correctly because the filter is not perfectly positioned. Ensure that the filter is securely mounted on the base by tightening the screws around the edge.
  • Your filter needs to be replaced.

Red Light

When it is time to replace a cartridge, the PUR water filter light will turn red. WHEN THESE ITEMS ARE CHANGED, the PUR water filter light will turn green, and the system is ready. 

The presence of the red PUR water filter light after replacing the cartridge indicates that the system is not activated or needs a reset.

How Long Does PUR Water Filter Battery Last?

Your PUR water filter light is not working probably because its battery ran out. And unfortunately, you can’t replace the battery life if it is present under the secret compartment of the system. 

Usually, PUR water filter batteries can last for 1-3 years; most PUR light indicators stop working after this period. If you have technical skills, then you can replace the battery by breaking the secret seal.

Does PUR Water Filter Lights Have Any Impact On System Performance?

This is one of the most important questions that most people ask. If the PUR water filter light is not working, does it have any impact on system performance? The answer is no. PUR water filter lights are not directly related to system performance. 

Although there is no direct link between the PUR filter indicator and PUR filter speed, indirectly, it can cause problems. 

Light indicators only tell you about filter status and do not have any impact on performance. When there are no light indicators, you don’t have any idea when to change the water filter. And with time, dust particles get trapped in the filter and slow down the water flow and filtration speed.

But You can change the filter by observing the taste of the water. If you feel bad water tastes bad, then it’s the correct time to change the filter. 

Similarly, if you see some decrease in water flow rate, water doesn’t come out of the filter properly. You can also change the filter because most of the dirt particles are attached with filters that slow down water flow. 

How Often Should You Change Your Filter In the PUR System?

You should know when to change the filter in the PUR system to get healthy water constantly.

According to the PUR guide, your faucet filter can last for three months and can filter 100 gallons of water. At the same time, a PUR pitcher filter can last for two months and filter 40 gallons of water.

But no one knows the exact time; the actual time to change the water filter depends on the water condition. If you live in an area where hard water is the primary problem, you may need to change the filter soon. 


What Is The Importance Of Having A Functional PUR Water Filter Light?

PUR water filter lights are helpful since they allow you to determine if it’s time to replace your filter. 

It is the perfect choice for those who want delicious, healthy drinking water, as it delivers clean, clear, and refreshing drinking water.

Q. What Are The Benefits Of Having PUR Water Filters?

  • They have improved taste and smell. Water filters from Pur are very effective in removing funny tastes and odors. 
  • Healthier water. Lead, copper, and mercury have been found to increase cancer risk in several studies. A Pur water filter removes these chemicals by adsorption.
  • Cost-effective. Compared to constantly buying bottled water, PUR water filters will save you money.
  • Environmental protection. Bottled water use is associated with environmental pollution. One million water bottles are sold worldwide every minute. Compared to the rest, less than half of them are recycled. You can avoid buying single-use bottled water by using a water filter.

Q. How Long Does A New PUR Filter Last?

The PUR filter needs to be changed after two months when it has filtered about 40 gallons. When the filter is almost at its maximum level, you will see a yellow light on your system indicating it’s time to replace it.

 The yellow light indicates you have around one or two gallons left. You might want to replace the filter if it is not brand new.

Final Words

After reading the above article, we hope that now you must understand why your PUR filter is not working.

Also, if it needs a reset, you must be able to reset it without any problem. Additionally, you have acquired knowledge of PUR filter lights. So now you will know the reason that why these three different lights are blinking.

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